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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice UPDATE

It has been officially confirmed in a couple of places (like Empire magazine, above)--Jason Momoa will be playing Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

The other news that broke today was DC's ambitious slate of ten films being planned between 2016 and 2020. We have heard through the kelpvine that Mr. Momoa is signed to at least three films--so what does that mean? Will he be Black Widow-ing it, always playing support in other heroes' films? Or will he...dare we say it?...be getting his own film?

Update: The Wrap flat-out says there will be a stand alone Aquaman film!


Unknown said...

Please be so!

Earth 2 Chris said...

WB also blinked and moved the date for Batman v. Superman, taking it out of the way of Captain America 3. Guardians of the Galaxy must have really spooked them!

I hope they learned something else from Guardians: not every super hero flick has to be dour like the Nolan films. Let's lighten some of these films up a bit, DC, and give each film it's own flavor. I like MOS on it's own merits, but inject some joy in these things going forward, please. I want to see Aquaman enjoying a swim with his finny friends, for instance.

Steps off of soap box...


rob! said...

I'm not sure I see it as WB "blinking", because opening both films the same day would just be a MAD-style stupid idea. Ironically, I think ultimately WB would have "won" that fight, because as good as Cap 3 might be, it simply can't offer anything all that new, compared to BvS which, no matter how good/bad it may be, is going to show people something they've never seen before in the movies. I think that alone would give it a bigger opening weekend than Cap 3.

That said, I'm glad they moved it, because opening two comic book superhero movies the same weekend is just stupid macho posturing, and this is business.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I see your point, but I think the Marvel brand in general must have WB spooked. MOS did good business, but reception was mixed on a Superman film. GotG comes out of nowhere with unknown characters, is loved by the masses and makes bank.

Cap 3 will be the next Marvel Studios film after Avengers 2...and we saw the kind of business Iron Man 3 did in a similar situation. And that probably had the biggest mixed reaction of any of the Marvel Studios films.

Just my opinion. We're all just armchair quarterbacking for movie studios and marketers with these speculations anyhow.


Anonymous said...

I hope they're spooked. They SHOULD be spooked. They should have been spooked years ago. Maybe they'll finally learn something from Marvel, though that seems unlikely at this point. WB have proven their as impervious to new knowledge and examples as Superman is to bullets.

Wich2 said...

Agreed, men.

With the influence of Affleck and his writer, it seems the DC films MAY be inching out of the wretched, "All Dour, All The Time!" Nolanverse...

Great Rao, may it be so!