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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Aquaman Letter of the Week

(Aquaman #51, June 1970)


Earth 2 Chris said...

Now that is priceless!

So when did Garth and Arthur Jr. get their real names?


Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat certain that they had them from their initial appearances. I believe this reader was just confused. Clever, but confused.

r duncan said...

I think Aquababy first got the name Arthur Curry, Jr. on his tombstone. And Marv Wolfman named Aqualad Garth in the Teen Titans.

Anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Russell said...

Rick is right. Garth was never named until Tales of Teen Titans 47. And Arthur Jr was given posthumously.

Novelist and super comic-book writer Alan Brennert wasn't wrong...!
Weird (and cool!) that I JUST listened to your interview with him last night, Rob!

rob! said...

I was wondering when someone would remark on who the letter is from, which is the main reason I posted it in the first place!