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Sunday, July 13, 2014

World's Finest Comics #125 - May 1962

Comics Weekend "Aquaman's Super-Sidekick" by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy.

It's Adventure Sunday!

After spending years in a support slot for Superboy, then briefly doing the same for Batman, DC decided Aquaman should back-up both characters simultaneously, moving him from Detective Comics to World's Finest Comics for one final stretch:
Later, on a nearby beach, locals see a giant shark heading for Aquaman, only to have the new-found bad-ass Aqualad punch the shark into submission! Of course, no one knows that Aquaman has instructed to the shark to fake being hit. Shortly, the newspapers are full of headlines about Aqualad's new powers, meaning the hoax is working! Or is it?
...and so ends another adventure for Aquaman and Aqualad!

The only difference between the story seen here and the ones in Detective is length: this adventure is one page longer, always a welcome change. Otherwise, it's another remarkably consistent installment, with some nice moments for Aqualad. I loved Aquaman being so worried for his kid sidekick when he thinks Garth is about to go splat onto the side of the submarine. Aquaman was always more in touch with his emotions than Superman or Batman.

The early 1960s was a great time for Aquaman in the comics, he was appearing here, his own series, and in Justice League of America. It would take over half a century for that to happen again!


Anthony said...

Reminded how the comics have varied over the years on just how strong Aquaman (or Atlanteans in general) are. Some of the stuff in these stories don't seem like it'd give the current/recent versions of the Sea King as much trouble...

Elsewhere on Earth-1...

Re: the World's Finest: A one-shot villain named Jundy captures the Dynamic Duo and uses them as hostages to force Superman to help him complete his evil scheme.

Alex Osias said...

Did this ever come up again in Aqualad's storyline?