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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Aquaman and the Others #4 - Aug. 2014

Comics Weekend "Legacy of Gold Part IV" by Dan Jurgens, Lan Medina, Allen Martinez, and Matt Milla.

After another flashback involving Lord Goran, we rejoin our heroes where we left them, with Aquaman having taken a trident to the gut:
Aaron and Sayeh try to tend to Aquaman's wounds, and they realize they need Ya'Wara back so she can teleport them all to the nearest hospital--which is exactly what Legend wants. But The Others' teammate is still in another dimension, conversing with Kahina and Vostok, who she thought were dead.

Ya'Wara regrets not having been there to save Kahina from being murdered by Black Manta, but Vostok explains that regret is a waste:

Ya'Wara wants to get back to the castle to make sure Sayeh is safe, but her ghostly former teammates tell her that she must trust them, and take Vostok's helmet to "the proper place" immediately. Despite her doubts, Ya'Wara agrees, and heads out to parts unknown, to her at least.

Back at the castle, Prisoner of War, The Operative, and Sky escape their jail cell, while Legend explains (in classic James Bond Villain mode) that he needs the Atlantean relics to make himself immortal. Meanwhile, Ya'Wara finds herself at the end of the "road", requiring her to jump into a blinding ball of light. She pauses for a moment, then leaps.

Prisoner of War uses one of the people he carries with him to patch up Aquaman, at least temporarily. Legend, growing tired of waiting, fires at him, knocking POW to the floor. We rejoin Ya'Wara, who finds herself in some high-tech base, fighting off robot guards who speak...Russian? She looks outside, and realizes she is on the moon, the actual moon! She finds her way to a small chamber, and waiting inside is a tube containing...
Next: Only Mostly Dead!

I have to admit, I felt a little cheated this issue, since Aquaman barely says anything, and pretty much just lies there, bleeding. But of course writer Dan Jurgens needs to build up The Others early, because without that the book won't really work. And while I've never been a big fan of dead people coming back to life, Vostok was killed off so quickly, before we ever got to know him, that I'm perfectly happy with him being the "new member" DC was teasing before this issue's release.

I liked the brief old school flashback panel of Aquaman and the rest by Vostok. Comics used to do stuff like that all the time, and it was a nice reminder how far the New 52 Sea King has come in a very short time!

Final note: The awesome covers by Joe Prado, Ivan Reis, and Rod Reis continue. They are consistently some of the most attractive, most fun covers DC puts out any given month!

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Darrin and Ruth said...

Enjoying every issue of Aquaman and the Others so far and hoping this series will survive.