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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

International Covers Part 5

More awesome international Aquaman covers from F.O.A.M.er Chance van Pelt. This time, I thought we'd focus on the ones that feature custom-drawn covers--a couple are riffs on the originals, of course, but the first three seem to spring completely from the imagination of whoever did them. What, exactly, is going on in that third one?

Thanks again Chance!


Tegan said...

The third one? http://aqua.gjovaag.com/wiki/File:Ac193.jpg

Chris Franklin said...

I like things like this. It's like comics from a parallel world or something.

On the wedding cover, what are Batman and Flash gossiping about?

Flash:"Check out Mera's bump!"

Batman: "SHOTGUNNNN wedding!"


aquadcd said...

Actually, when I saw Batman and Flash on that wedding cover I felt like they looked like a couple themselves. How's that for a parallel world?

bribabylk said...

Not only did Supergirl attend the wedding in the Spanish-speaking universe, but Mera got to wear white. And why not?

Darrin and Ruth said...

It is always fun to see these international covers.

LucasT.Vasconcelos said...

UAU... Aquaman comics, launched in Brazil by publisher EBAL (Publisher Brazil-America).