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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"4 Reasons Why Aquaman Deserves More Respect: A Fan Speaks Out"

Upon news of Jason Momoa's casting as Aquaman in Batman v. Superman, Yahoo Movies was nice enough to ask me to write an article about why Aquaman is no joke. The piece, "4 Reasons Why Aquaman Deserves More Respect" can be found here!


r duncan said...

Very appropriate that they asked you to do this. As I have said before, I believe Aquaman's current resurgience is mainly due to the Shrine. It is so well done and it is such a compelling treatment of the character that it has attracted and made fans of many comics readers and pros.

Nice job, Rob!

Earth 2 Chris said...

I'm impressed. Impressed that you put this together so quickly, and that it's well thought out, and still manages to put across that you don't REALLY take all of this too seriously, which is important to get your point across.

And also impressed that a media outlet actually went and sought out someone who knows what they are talking about!


Wil Radcliffe said...

Excellent! This is indeed a new Golden Age for Aquaman fans!

TWO on-going series, plus the Justice League... and now a part in one of the most anticipated films of 2016.


Laurie S.Sutton said...

Nice article, Rob!
Jason Momoa is perfect to play the part of the King of Atlantis -- he played a character on Stargate: Atlantis!

Jorge PR said...

Nice job, Rob! And very nice from YahooMovies to apporach you. Also, I think it shows they're interested in Arthur as much as we are; if they weren't, why bother, right?

Orin's dad said...

Well done Rob!