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Friday, May 23, 2014

Justice League #33 Alternate Cover

This is Darwyn Cooke's ginchy alt cover for Justice League #33, part of the ongoing Batman 75 celebration!

Dear DC: More of this please. Darwyn Cooke specifically, and smiling superheroes in general!

Justice League #33 is on sale July 30.


Russell said...

I'd buy half a dozen copies of this if it were a comic and not just a cover. This is MY Justice League!!

Count Drunkula said...

Who's the guy at the bottom corner in the orange and green? He kind of looks like Aquaman, but he can't be Aquaman because he's not carrying a trident.

Chris Franklin said...

It is SOOO sad that this is an anomaly nowadays.

But it's gorgeous. Cooke and Timm should be running DC.