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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Detective Comics #294 - Aug. 1961

Comics Weekend "The Fantastic Fish That Defeated Aquaman" by Jack Miller(?) and Nick Cardy.

It's Adventure Sunday!

You know, compared to these Batman covers, the Superboy covers over on Adventure seemed dignified and entirely plausible. Anyway, this month, after Aquaman helped the JLA defeat Amos Fortune in Justice League of America #6, his strip continued here in Detective, where his finny friends seemed to have turned on him!
Harry Black (great name) chases our heroes off, and since Aquaman isn't willing to risk the lives of his friends against those monsters, they depart. But then Aquaman notices some seaweed that has floated onto the face of the Grappler,a and gets an idea!

Aquaman commands some Albratrosses to fly over, and the Sea King hitches a ride:
...and so ends another adventure for Aquaman and Aqualad!

A perfectly solid outing this time out, with a fun villain and lots of great characterization by Nick Cardy (his bad guys always looked so full of themselves in their villainy). And I think I want that "And this makes it final" panel on a t-shirt.

After this adventure, Aquaman would appear in yet another Superman comic, helping out Jimmy Olsen, and then come right back for another adventure in Detective!


Anthony said...

Maybe Black's scheme would've worked if his "remote control unit" wasn't the size of a briefcase and the size of an actual remote control. Ah, 60s technology... ;-)

Re: Batman: A man gained the power to change his body into the elements of the periodic table, and uses it for crime, bringing the Dynamic Duo's attention. Wonder if meeting Metamorpho for the first time years later reminded Batman of this guy...

Matt Maldre said...

Electric eels to disarm the remote-control unit. Brilliant move, Aquaman!

bribabylk said...

A descendent of Black Jack, maybe? Or at least a fan.

Whatever else you want to say about Aquaman's rogues, they had the coolest vehicles. The milieu lends itself to neat looking rides, I suppose.