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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Aquaman (Vol.8) #31 - July 2014

Comics Weekend "In The Muck" by Jeff Parker, Paul Pelletier, Sean Parsons, and more.

Aquaman is on the hunt for the fabled "Swamp Thing", and he has brought one of The Others, Ya'Wara, along for help. They aren't the only people searching for him, however: two guys with guns find another of his discarded husks, only to find themselves face-to-face with the real version, who is none too pleased!

As Swamp Thing starts to strangle one of them with some roots, the Sea King steps in:
After some punches are thrown, Swamp Thing tries to assure Aquaman that filling the oceans with algae (seen last issue) was not a threat, but more a reassurance to others that he (Swamp Thing) still has the ability to protect the Green of the world. Aquaman isn't exactly reassured by this, but as Swamp Thing overwhelms him, covering him in vegetation, it's clear he doesn't have much of a choice.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis:
Mera and her bodyguard Tula are on a search of their own: for the conspirators that tried to kill her (also last issue). They venture to a remote, deeper part of Atlantis, where the loyalties to Orm are strong. Separated by a small vortex, this portion of Atlantis (called "The Underrealm") waste no time attacking, and Mera quickly learns that the conspirators didn't just come from here: everyone in this part of Atlantis wants her and Aquaman dead!

Back in Louisiana, Ya'Wara tries to free Aquaman by hacking and slashing at Swamp Thing. For his part, Aquaman commands some alligators to attack Swamp Thing, and they rend his body to bits. Of course, when you're talking Swamp Thing that doesn't mean much:
Meanwhile, back at Triton Base, Dr. Shin is horrified to see one of his colleagues, Dr. Orson, has been experimenting with Coombs, who was mortally wounded by attacking sharks a few issues back. Having transformed him into some of sort of creature, Orson says it will be under the complete control of Triton. As the creature's eyes stare out at us, the story is...to be continued!

It was great fun to see Aquaman square off against the Swamp Thing, a fellow member of the DCU that he really hasn't interacted with much over the decades, despite their overlapping stomping grounds. Seeing them fight makes me long for a non-existent issue of Brave and the Bold from the 1970s, drawn by Jim Aparo, where they might have teamed-up. And after all the massive butt-kicking Aquaman has been doing lately, it was a nice change of pace to see him essentially outmatched, something he himself acknowledges in the last panel. Anyone else up for a third Aquaman book, a team-up title? Is it time to finally publish Surf & Turf?

By the way: Aquaman does appear at the end of Swamp Thing #31, looking angry as is his wont:


Anonymous said...

I haven't read this yet, so I skipped the summary, just scrolling past, but that image with the seahorses makes me very happy. :)

I would love to see Storm and Imp return.

bribabylk said...

Good issue, both swamp and sea segments were really strong; the art was outstanding.

I heartily 2nd Surf & Turf!
Surf & Turf, Surf & Turf, Surf & Turf!!


Chris Franklin said...

Nice to see they have Swamp Thing looking normal again, minus the antlers and wings. That was a bit much.

That sea horse image is all kinds of classic DC goodness.