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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Adventure Comics #284 - May 1961

Comics Weekend "The Charge of Aquaman's Sea Soldiers!" by Jack Miller and Jim Mooney.

It's Adventure Sunday!

At least for Aquaman's final appearance in Adventure Comics (this decade, at least), we got one last really goofy Superboy cover! Thanks Clark!
Aquaman helps the ship stay afloat thanks to a school of Pufferfish, who bail water out fast enough for it to get back to land. The Sea King then turns his attention towards Professor Snark, the mad genius who turned an iceberg into a "floating fortress."

Later, a Coast Guard ship is on patrol, not seeing anything suspicious. The only thing it sees at all is a whale swimming along, which isn't suspicious at all, right?
...and so ends another adventure for Aquaman and Aqualad!

As advertised (on the Shrine, at least) this was Aquaman's swan song in Adventure Comics, after a (mostly) completely uninterrupted run of fifteen years. It's too bad that DC couldn't keep Ramona Fradon on the strip just one last time before Nick Cardy took the reins and started his own legendary run on the character. Here, Jim Mooney's art is nothing more than serviceable; coming between the twin pillars of Fradon and Cardy his work can't seem as anything other than dull.

DC didn't announce that Aquaman was leaving Adventure; the closest they came was this house ad in the book promoting the new feature that was starting next issue:

But even though was Aquaman's last adventure in Adventure, this is not the end of Adventure Sundays! Despite the Sea King's solo title debut just around the corner, and his regular appearances in Justice League of America, DC still saw fit to give him a back-up slot in another title, in Detective Comics of all places! Be here next week to check it out!


Russell said...

I never liked Jim Mooney's art.I don't hate it,but it never did anything for me. Kinda like how I feel about Bizarro. Speaking of bizarre things, Replacing Aquaman with Bizarro in ADVENTURE is right up there with replacing the Legion with Supergirl a few years later!

Anthony said...

Assume someone at DC wanted "Adventure" to become an all-Superman-related title by this point, thus giving the Sea King the heave-ho. That, and Aquaman was being upgraded to his own book anyway.

For a guy named "Prof. Snark," Arthur seemed the one who was a bit snarky toward his foe here... ;-)

And I suppose for one last time, "elsewhen" on Earth-1:

Re: Superboy: Red Kryptonite gives Clark amnesia, during which Clark falls in with a pair of crooked boys, with all of them ending up in a reform school.

Unknown said...

I like the Bizarro ad mentioning Frankenstein and Dracula. You can tell this was during the initial Monster-mania fad, with the Universal Monster movies making the rounds on syndicated TV, Famous Monsters magazine being huge, and Aurora beginning their output of monster model kits.

It's funny how Mooney's art here seems bland, but the the few Batman tales he drew in the early 60s were a welcome change from Sheldon Moldoff's stiff Bob Kane-lite period.