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Monday, April 07, 2014

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 84

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 84 - Aquaman & the Others #1, State of the Nuclear Union, and Listener Feedback

You are now living in an era in which Aquaman has two monthly comics! This episode Shag and I dive into AQUAMAN & THE OTHERS #1 by Dan Jurgens, Lan Medina, & Allen Martinez. Next, Shag gives a State of the Nuclear Union address. Finally, a healthy dose of your Listener Feedback!

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Earth 2 Chris said...

So, Michael Baily and I are going to take over the show for a season, only to be unceremoniously dumped when you two get the money you demanded? I'm in!

You guys should TOTALLY cover "The Fear" in the next Super Powers episode. It's such a standout episode. Written by Alan Burnett who would go on to produce and write on BTAS. West does a great job on that one. As for the show audio in the background, I'd say it's just about right. Cindy and I have done two commentaries so far on Super Mates, one with the sound completely muted, and one as you guys did it. It seems a bit easier to comment when you have the sound to prod you at least a little.

Rob, the Gaiman story is fantastic. You should totally use his "Glorious" quote on the cover of the sequel. If you need validation, who better to get it from than the best?

And Shag, I tend to think of the Firestorm Ca-LASS-ic segments as Pixar movies now. You can always count on an appearance by John Ratzeberger!


Diabolu Frank said...

1) That was some highly specific phrasing regarding Wonder Woman's two "monthly, concurrent" series. Sensation Comics was monthly for 93 issues, whereas her eponymous title didn't go monthly until the 1970s.

2) Vaguely remember the Dr. Mid-Nite prestige mini-series. Wasn't impressed. An even whiter guy than Charles McNider has a numbingly similar origin now involving minor Silver Age Batman villains. Meh.

3) MehDinah? Yeah Rob, I'm going to go with the Floridian on a name like that, m'kay?

4) I'm not as anti-parent as Rob, but I do agree that not everyone is so essentially defined by the circumstances of their upbringing as modern storytelling would make it seem, and ideally more heroes would be grown adults who've developed past such issues.

Also, Rob Zombie didn't get Michael Myers at a fundamental level. The whole point was that he was the serpent in the garden-- an inexplicable, wholly adulterated evil sprung up in the midst of mundane suburbia. Making him a common serial killer was a snooze, and ruining the humane yet barely hinged Dr. Loomis was unforgivable.

Diabolu Frank said...

5) Almost caught up on podcasts. Man, Shag took a lot of digs at me. Good thing I'm bulletproof, but you can keep your stinking pin! Anyhow, I've watched whole minutes of Arrow, and there's simply too much Smallville in its DNA. Turns me right off.

6) Great to hear Rob's Neil Gaiman story. I'm only one story into "Hey Kids, Comics," but hope to progress next month when I'm not completely exhausted by work.