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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Random Panel of the Day #982



r duncan said...

Skeates. Right?

I see RPOD #1000 is coming up. Quite a milestone, Rob. Looking for to it.

r duncan said...

I mean, "forward".

Earth 2 Chris said...

Was this the thinly veiled Harlan Ellison issue? Wasn't that Mike Friedrich on the writing chores?

Clearly Kal-El has snapped Arthur's neck. That's how he rolls.


rob! said...

E2 Chris is right, it's from JLA #89!

rob! said...


Yeah, #1000 is set and ready. I'm not doing anything especially clever, except that it's my single favorite Aquaman image, period.

r duncan said...

Awesome, Rob! (You, too, E2 Chris.) The curiosity will kill me!