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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Adventures of Superman #50 - April 2014

Comics Weekend "Mystery Box Part 1 of 1" by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro.

Aquaman is all over the DCU in 2014--two monthly titles, membership in Justice League (sort of), a big guest spot with Batman, and now this, an appearance in the Adventures of Superman digital comic!

The plot is simple (hence the "Part 1 of 1" bit, I bet) and sweet--Lois gives Superman a present for Valentine's Day:
But since V-Day isn't for another week, Kal can't open it. He's dying to know what it might be, and finds himself discussing it with his co-workers: Batman (whom he is helping defeat a giant robot), Wonder Woman (stopping some jewl thieves), and then finally...Aquaman!
The "mystery" is revealed, sort of, when Supes and Lois meet up exchange their gifts. And that is the ever-lovin' end!
I complain a lot that they don't make superhero comics like they used to, but it seems every time I read an issue of Adventures of Superman, it's the exact kinds of stories I want to read. I think it's only because I'm just not in the habit of reading comics digitally that I haven't subscribed to this series yet. Both art and story are a pure pleasure, and boy howdy was it great to see Aquaman show up here to help out his old pal. And riding dolphins yet!


Count Drunkula said...

I absolutely loved this story. After ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, I think it's probably the best Superman tale that I've ever read. And DeConnick does a terrific job of making every character sound unique and larger than life and... right.

The great thing about digital-first series like ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN and the former LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT were that they weren't tied to the current comics continuity, so creators got to tell stories that were more like personal love letters to the Superman and Batman stories they grew up with.

Martin Gray said...

Absolutely with you lads, this is a gem of a Superman tale, showing that no matter how well Superman plays with others - as opposed to the Others - his perfect partner is Lois.

And I really love Aquaman here.

Andy Luckett said...

I haven't read any issues yet, but it seems like Adventures of Superman is a refreshing change from "All New 52, All the Time", as well as a fun place for creators to tell fun, contained stories.

Here's hoping DC introduces a Justice League version, a team-up version or even just an entire out-of-continuity DC Universe book to tell more of these types of stories.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I really need to start picking these up, or bite the bullet and get the digital chapters. This is the type of book I've been complaining about DC not doing.


Earth 2 Chris said...

Well, according to Superman Homepage, this series just got cancelled. Sigh.