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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Justice League: Escape From Monster Island!

Inaugural F.O.A.M.er Chris Franklin sent the Shrine these scans of a new(ish) promotional comic given away inside boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios featuring the Justice League...and in this issue, primarily Aquaman!

Here's Chris' summation of the story:

General Mills and DC are teaming up again and packing their cereal boxes with Justice League comics. This is the classic, Pre-New 52 Justice League, with Cyborg subbing for Martian Manhunter (sorry Frank). I picked up the first comic #5 (continuing the numbering from the previous promotion a few years ago), and I believe this is the issue with the strongest Aquaman presence. Heck, Black Manta is along for the ride too!

The basic plot is Aquaman gets wind that dinosaurs are being abducted from Monster Island (DC’s Dinosaur Island renamed for some reason), and calls the JL in for help. Superman joins him as they arrive on the island to find Black Manta herding the dinos thanks to some mind control collars. It seems Manta is just a hired gun for Ra’s Al Ghul, who is eschewing his usual eco-terrorism for plain ol’ world conquering. Aquaman and a humpback whale put the smackdown on Manta, while the other Leaguers arrive to  free the dinosaurs.

Ra’s thinks he’s going to get away, but Batman shows up and pimp slaps him. Seriously, he back hands him like a chump. The League decides to give Ra’s what he wanted, so he gets to stay on Monster Island, with the dinosaurs he was after...and they ain’t happy! Aquaman gets the spotlight as the League departs in triumph.
All in all a fun, if simple comic. Perfect to introduce kids to the League. Too bad their isn’t an appropriate comic on the stands for them to follow this into. Nice story by Joshua Williamson (who the Shrine has interviewed), and crisp art by Christian Duce. I particularly like his Aquaman. The stubble is a nice touch!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone gone online to see how the story continues? bigGrealheroes.com

Anonymous said...


The Daily Superman Podcast said...

I had no idea they were doing these again! I found myself wishing they would! I need to go pick up a few boxes and get the next wave. How can you not love a Justice League story featuring Superman with red trunks!

Earth said...

DC really needs to do a JL Adventure comic like this. Like Rob suggested, put Gerry Conway and Jerry Ordway on it or something. Heck, these two guys could do it!


Craig said...

>How can you not love a Justice League story featuring Superman with red trunks!<

NO way not to love that!

Doug said...

What DC REALLY needs to do is do a JLA digital first book. Adventures of Superman has been knocking it out of the park issue after issue. You can't tell me topnotch creators aren't hankering for a shot at the JLA in the same format!!

That said, I was just about to start scanning this one out for you, Rob, but it looks like you guys don't need it.

Russell said...

Off to the grocery store again....!
LOVE this!!
And loved the continuation on-line, too. A swimming contest is a very fun idea.

The Daily Superman Podcast said...

I was able to get this issue yesterday courtesy of a box of Lucky Charms.

Does anybody else find it interesting that now 2.5 years later after the New 52 Relaunch that DC continues to release comics like this or their Betty Crocker fruit snacks that feature the Justice League characters in their "classic" designs over their New 52 counterparts. So say a kid gets this mini comic featuring Superman in Red Trunks and the rest of the Justice League in their classic non-armored costumes and then heads to a comic shop to try to find a Justice League comic featuring these character designs and one doesn't exist. That is an odd branding choice to offer products featuring the old designs instead of completely buying into gour new product as a company. It is like DC is conceding that their main line of New 52 books are not all ages or kid friendly.