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Saturday, March 08, 2014

JLA: Year One #7 - July 1988

"The American Way" by Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, and Barry Kitson.

The JLA arrives at the Gotham City Executive Club looking for a certain member:
As they spirit off Carr into a private room, other well-heeled members of the club Maxwell Lord and Millionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne comment on the scene. The JLA confronts Carr about all the secrecy behind his motives for funding the team, but he won't reveal who it is (hint: it's Batman!).

The League doesn't trust Carr, but J'Onn tells his teammates he is definitely telling the truth. How does he know? Because, he reveals...he's telepath! The rest of the team is shaken by this announcement, feeling as though this is something he should have shared with the rest of them. 

Meanwhile, the secret cabal that has been tracking the JLA have moved to the next stage of their plan: creating powerful host bodies that they can manipulate and use as weapons. With this new phase about to launch, they all drink a toast to the end of the world!
During all this, the JLA is kept busy fighting one foe after another (Invisible Destroyer FTW!), which generates lots of headlines across the world--including on The Daily Planet, which is (of course) being read by mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent.
Deciding it's past due he look into this new group of heroes, Kent changes into Superman and joins the JLA on an alien world where they are fighting constructs of an intergalactic baddie named Xotar. It's tough going, until the Man of Steel arrives to tip the scales. As they smash their way into Xotar's giant robot, Canary wonders where Aquaman went:
Back at the Secret Sanctuary, Superman is given the nickel tour by a smitten Justice League (except for Green Lantern, who seems resentful of this powerful interloper). At the end of it, the heroes ask the obvious question:
"Superman...says...NO!" ...To be continued!

Another fun issue, but then of course this whole series is fun. I like the idea of Green Lantern being resentful of Superman's potential involvement with the League, knocking him from his perch as Most Powerful League Member. Hal can be a real jerk sometimes!

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Russell said...

I agree, this series was a whole lot of fun. Probably the best of the "Year One" type series I've read, partly cuz it really did seem like it took up a year.