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Friday, March 14, 2014

Aquaman Letter of the Week

(Aquaman #45, June 1969 )


r duncan said...

I agree with Tony, retroactively.

Earth 2 Chris said...

The super anal part of me has to point out that "impracticle" is spelled wrong in Dick G's response.

Just goes to show that even the greatest creative teams met some opposition when taking over a book.

Too bad that Isabella guy never went anywhere. :-)


Anonymous said...

Aquaman doesn't get better than the SAG run. How funny that Tony Isabella of all people (is it THAT Tony Isabella?) should oppose that change.

Unknown said...

And god forbid; DO NOT replace the letterer! Actually, you know who could use a new letterer? Hawkman. He could use a new inker and colorist as well. And a new helmet. Any chance of giving him Ocean Master's? And don't get me started on the staples in Hawkman.

James Chatterton

Unknown said...

That's funny...I ran a Tony Isabella letter last week myself! Great minds Rob?