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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aquaman @ The Lego Store

If you have a Lego store in your area--like long time F.O.A.M. member (and total sweetheart) Cindy Healy does--you can't help but notice a giant Lego Aquaman adorning its front window!

When Cindy first sent me this pic, I did a double take because I thought that was a Lego Mera! Of course, it's "merely" Poison Ivy, which is still pretty cool. I love that Aquaman--not the usual suspects--are getting such prominent placement! Thanks Cindy!

And in case you think it's just that store (the Christiana Mall in Delaware, BTW), here's a pic of Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage posing in front of another Lego store, presumably in Russell's home turf of Ohio:


Earth 2 Chris said...

Awesome! We may be near the Ohio store soon, so I'll be sure to check that out!


Anonymous said...

They have him at the store in Nashville, too.

Diabolu Frank said...

Same set-up at Houston's Baybrook Mall. Took pictures weeks ago when we got the Lego Martian Manhunter, then forgot to send them in. Scooped!