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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Adventures of the AquaHoodie: Lara Quinones

These are pics of our newest F.O.A.M.er, Lara Quinones, rocking an AquaHoodie, which was a gift from her husband Erick!

It was Erick who emailed me, saying that while his lovely wife is a passionate fan of the Sea King, she is also rather shy. So while she wanted to join the hallowed halls of F.O.A.M., she could never quite bring herself to send anything in, so Erick did it for her. +10 Husband Points for that, Erick!

Not only does Lara wear the AquaHoodie at comic cons, she also commissions artists to original Aqua-Sketches, like you see here:
...now that's a fan! Lara, you are truly a Friend of AquaMan, so welcome to F.O.A.M.!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Always great to see a husband/wife fan act! Way to go Erick, and rockin' hoodie Lara!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Cool pics. Welcome aboard! Or below!

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot, Rob! I showed it to her, today and she was thrilled! :)

After about 2 years, I'm just glad to get her another Aqua-surprise. FOAM membership ahoy!