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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adventure Comics #275 - Aug. 1960

Comics Weekend "The Interplanetary Mission" by Robert Bernstein and Ramona Fradon.

It's Adventure Sunday!

Aquaman and Aqualad take a trip to a galaxy far, far away:
Aquaman and the aliens blast off, and the force of the take-off slam our heroes into the glass walls of their tanks, knocking them out temporarily. They come to just as they are arriving at their destination, and Aquaman and Aqualad go right to work retrieving the satellite:
...and so ends another adventure for Aquaman and Aqualad!

I love the quasi-team-up with Superman, which comes completely out of left field! Aquaman's involvement in the DCU is in full force, because apparently there's kryptonite just falling out of the skies all over the place! As suggested in the last panel, I sure hope Arthur let Clark know what a solid he threw him.

Ramona Fradon delivers a great job as usual, but I especially dig the first panel of page five: what an iconic shot of our hero!


Anthony said...

I liked seeing Arthur start punching away at the "aliens" ("now the fun *really* begins!").

And yeah, nice to see Aquaman do his fellow JLAer a favor... speaking of said JLAer...

Re: Superboy: as the cover notes, this is one of the various "first meetings" of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. To summarize: Superboy usees his time-viewer to see into his future, where he learns of Bruce Wayne's alter-ego. Later, Bruce and his parents move to Smallville, where he gets into an adventure (with the costumed ID of the "Flying Fox" thanks to Lana) with Superboy, and discovers Clark's true identity. Telling Clark about such, the two decide it'd be best if Clark hypnotically erased the knowledge from Bruce's mind. Bruce and his parents later leave Smallville (presumably to go back to Gotham City).

As 1981's "World's Finest" #271 reveals (the story that reconciled all the various "first meetings" of the duo), Clark later erased his own knowledge of Bruce's identity, feeling it'd be for the best. And, of course, those were actually Bruce's guardians, not parents (who'd have been long dead by this point). No explanation for why Bruce's guardians (presumably his uncle Philip Wayne and housekeeper Mrs. Chilton) would move to Smallville, however.

Unknown said...

Viva Adventure Sunday!

These crooks go to the trouble of designing and building a working flying saucer in 1960, just to bag a kyrptonite meteor? Wonder if this was all Luthor's handiwork?

James Chatterton