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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Power Records Podcast, Episode 3: Marvel!

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: THE POWER RECORDS PODCAST, Episode 3

We visit The House of Ideas for this episode of The Power Records Podcast! Chris Franklin (aka Earth-2 Chris) and I talk about two Marvel audio adventures: Spider-Man in "Invasion of the Dragon Men" and the Hulk in "The Incredible Hulk At Bay!"

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The Daily Superman Podcast said...

Another episode…another empty wallet courtesy of Instock Trades. How did I not have that Rampaging Hulk Essential volume in my collection already? Well that’s been rectified, great choice!
Wow…Sue is a bit of a floozy! I love the classic 70’s/80’s Horror element here, if you’re a teenager slipping off in the woods to get promiscuous you gonna get dead!
Draco’s voice sounds familiar. Any voice credits on him?
HULK SAY THIS IS STUPID!!! Hahaha. Is he commenting on the plot?
I kid, I kid. These are both a little silly but a ton of fun. This is definitely the most likeable General Ross has ever been, which is saying something since he’s still a jerk in this story. And wow what a cliffhanger? If I was a kid I’d really want to see what happens next, I assume they didn’t do the follow-up issue to resolve the cliffhanger? It seems like an odd story choice when it ends on that big of a Cliffhanger. This would’ve been a great time to do two stories on this one record like some of the other Power Records did.
Hahaha I totally agree with Chris, I was thinking that as well, it definitely sounded like stereotypical TV Native American dialog and Apache Chief. HULK SAY EH-NEEEK-CHOCK!!!!!!
Rob, I’m glad to hear you praise Trimpe’s art, he is often dismissed and his art criticized, but I really love his Hulk. Sal Buscema will always be my definitive Hulk artist, but Trimpe is a close second, and I hold his Hulk in high regard.
Man I wish they still did something like these today. I’d think a CD and book set would be something they could market today with decent success, but maybe that’s just me being overly optimistic.

Another great episode, I can't wait until the next time Shagg is out of town for a week so we can hear episode 4.

Drop the needle and turn the page!

-Kyle Benning

Unknown said...

Draco sounded familiar to me too Kyle...the whole time I listened I kept thinking he sounded like the Shadow's cab driver Moe Shrevnitz from the old time radio shows...then listening again it reminded me a little of a character named "Grudge" in another bit of OTR, Stan Freberg and Daws Butler's "Christmas Dragnet"...I'm going to guess though there's no credits listed, I think Rob mentioned before there's very little info on the voices behind Power Records.

Diabolu Frank said...

"With you as always?" You lie, Robert J. Kelly! And by your own self-admitted machinations, no less!

Maybe it's because I recently watched all of the Fast & the Furious movies, but I suddenly can't not visualize Lucas Black playing the role of Earth 2 Chris in the Power Records Podcast motion picture.

Now I know what Mary Jane Kramden would have sounded like.

I kept waiting for Scott Draco to ask his pops if he can just kill Spider-Man instead of hosting a Bar-B-Q with an extra portion of ruinous exposition.

If you're going to build an army of robot dragon-men to work out of a secret laboratory in a sewer, you might as well factor waterproofing into your per unit costs to get the most bang for the underling buck, oh Nobel Prize winning genius. An ounce of prevention is worth avoiding a pounding to your master plan for world domination/Chuck E. Cheese animatronic show gone horribly wrong.

I have decided to name my third born son Demosthenes, but I shall only conceive my firstborn at such a time when I can spell "Demosthenes" without reference.

I got distracted for a moment there. Was Draco defeated through the timely intervention of a Beatnik jazz revivalist group playing at (literally at) the Empire State Building?

I think the reversion into an iguana was a way to avoid Spider-Man outright killing Draco. No such consideration was given to the young group of students who mysteriously vanished, never to be found or mentioned again. However, that was a really bad joke about the Big Dipper, so that one guy deserved to be immolated and partially devoured, per internet law. The Lord of the Flies has nothing on the savagery of internet law.

Chris Sims wrote a great article months back about the inherent differences between DC and Marvel. The Post-Crisis Marvelization of DC blunted the idea, but up until the mid-80s, you could still see the vast differences between the two universes as practiced by their respective, distinct creative/editorial departments. Imagine if everyone had switched characters between the companies for one month at any point prior to 1986. You get a taste of that when someone like Mark Bagley or John Romita Jr. briefly jumps ship, but I'd say the closest we ever came was Just Imagine... Stan Lee Creating Superman With John Buscema.

First thing that caught my attention in the Hulk story: Betty Talbot. She married-up quick, huh?

When you take out the rageaholic growling, the Hulk is a bit of a whiner, isn't he? "Hulk got it bad. You don't know how bad Hulk got it. Getting harder! Just keeping life and soul together!
Hulk sick of fighting, even though Hulk know Hulk should!"

You could tell that this was a direct comic book adaptation by the way it was WAY too busy to follow comfortably without the visual component.

The old white actor trying to voice a Southern black male could be prosecuted today under laws written later that more clearly defined hate crimes. Related Fun Fact: Jim Wilson was eventually revealed to be bisexual, and then he died of AIDS. Teh '90s, ladies and germs, teh '90s.

When I was a kid who traded comic books, the dogs that nobody wanted and you couldn't get rid of were '70s Kirby books and issues of the Hulk. They were in our eyes dumb and ugly. Herb Trimpe was a major contributor to this perception. In this specific instance, pairing the most overused Hulk villain with the least engaging "classic" Spider-Man one would most certainly have been another anti-asset.

Thing that just occurred to me and made me sad inside: there are no Doctor Strange Power Records.

"Whooooo Let The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Out? WHO!? WHO!? WHO!? WHO!?"

Good Living Tip: If you've misplaced your earbuds while trying to listen to a podcast with a predictably low recording sound volume, putting your phone on speaker with a stethoscope resting on top will do in a pinch.