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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Splash Page Saturday: Justice League of America #192

After two pages of what seems like mundane JLA activity (the members talking about by-laws!), this story explodes with this killer (*ahem*) splash page by George Perez and John Beatty, featuring Red Tornado seemingly turning on his JLA pals. A great way to kick the story into high gear.


Joseph Brian Scott said...

Look how fast Reddy's hands must be rotating!

I was so excited about George Perez, one of my favorite artists, finally taking on the JLA, one of my favorite books! An artist and a subject truly worthy of each other. I was hoping he'd stay on the book for at least as long as Dick Dillin...but he didn't.

Earth 2 Chris said...

^Yeah, there was such an influx of energy on those Perez issues. Had NTT not instantly taken off as it did, I bet DC would have persuaded Perez to stay on JLA. It didn't help that they replaced him with Don Heck. Now, I've come to appreciate Heck's work since childhood, but back then, I wasn't much of a fan. If Chuck Patton had come in after Perez and had a good long run BEFORE Annual #2, I wonder if the Powers-That-Be would have needed the JLD to "boost sales".


Russell said...

I'm with Earth-2 Chris. DC really messed up handling one of their flagship titles then. While NTT and LSH exploded, JLA limped along. It's sad to think "what might have been."