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Saturday, January 18, 2014

JLA: Year One #5 - May 1998

"A League Divided" by Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, and Barry Kitson.

In the small town of Manchester, Alabama, the local citizenry is watching TV and reading newspaper reports about this new team of heroes called the Justice League of America. One of them wonders if the JLA would ever show up in their town, but that idea is dismissed, because nothing ever happens in their town.

As if on cue, two members of The Brotherhood of Evil start attacking, turning everyone into giant dismembered blobs of purple goo! So, where is the Justice League?
Green Lantern and Aquaman head back to the Secret Sanctuary, having sent out a signal for the others to meet them there. Aquaman wonders why they haven't offered Green Arrow membership yet (oh, he'll regret that idea). Black Canary arrives last, wanting to talk about something: are any of the JLAers married? J'Onn tells the sad story of his life on Mars, causing the rest to become speechless.

Meanwhile, The Doom Patrol gets wind of what's happened in Manchester, and head there. The JLA does too, and on the way The Flash asks Canary about her marriage inquiry. She tells him that she recently learned her mother had an affair with a married member of the JSA, and she wants to make sure that does not repeat itself with the JLA.

The JLA arrives in Manchester, much to the chagrin of the Doom Patrol:
Both teams are attacked by a small army of the purple monsters, with Martian Manhunter telling the rest that via his telepathy he has learned these creatures are innocent members of the town, not able to control what they're doing. Green Lantern manages to contain them all, followed by The Brotherhood of Evil showing themselves.

The JLA arrogantly attack them head on, ignoring the warnings of the Doom Patrol. The Monsieur Mallah blasts them with the same weapon he used on the townsfolk, hitting all but Aquaman: 
...U-oh! To be continued!

Another fun issue, even if everyone is still mostly squabbling. Green Lantern's comment, referring to themselves as "First Stringers" (as opposed to the DP), is a nice touch, showing that at times Hal can be a real dick.

Black Canary's worry about the men of JLA having affairs is also interesting; I like the idea that she's very focused on the legacy aspect of her super hero identity, and wants to maintain a certain moral standard. Is that why, in the old classic Justice League book, Ollie or Dinah were always shown sleeping on the couch when they stayed over each other's place?


Doug said...

Year One was so much fun.

Earth 2 Chris said...

The series really kicks in right here. One thing looking at these scans...man, everyone is PALE! I know comics were trying to get away from peach equals Caucasian, but these people need some red blood cells!


Russell said...

A lot of important things start happening in this issue....one of my favorites~! I loved the idea that the Doom Patrol and the JLA "got-along" like cousins or something, whereas the JSA was the "big brother."

And is that a guest-appearance by our own Rob being rescued by Aquaman? The mother is screaming "Bobby! Kelly!" but I only see one kid. Is THAT why Rob loves Aquaman so much? ;-)

Joseph Brian Scott said...

^Ha ha, I arched my eyebrows at that too.