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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Cover to Cover: World's Finest Comics #230

Sadly, this issue of World's Finest Comics does not feature some obscure one-off all-new Aquaman tale; this was back when DC had transformed many of its titles into 68-page giants, with reprints bringing up the rear.

In this case, the Aquaman story reprinted is "The Sorcerer of the Sea" from Adventure Comics #245. But since DC always made sure everyone inside was represented on the outside, the Sea King gets a sliver of the cover real estate to himself, as drawn by Ernie Chan!


Earth 2 Chris said...

I consider this mid-70s era to be one of the weakest in DC's history, art-wise especially. It was in the waning days of Infantino's reign, and both Neal Adams and Nick Cardy had left DC, for the most part. Ernie Chan was a great artist, but he couldn't crank out the quality covers the way Adams and Cardy had, and many of his covers during this period seemed rushed with minimal detail and often no background information at all.

That being said, this one ain't too bad, but someone thought Rocky was Superman in that Challs portion!


Joseph Brian Scott said...

These $.50 GIANTs came out right out after the 100-page Super Spec format had been discontinued, but what's weird is that not every title that had been 100 pages every month or had had occasional 100 page issues were given GIANTs. World's Finest, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Young Love had $.50 GIANT issues, but JLA, Batman, the Superman books, House of Mystery, The Unexepected, etc., didn't. It would be intersting to know how the decision was made as to which books would get the GIANTs.