Friday, January 03, 2014

Aquaman Letter of The Week



Earth 2 Chris said...

"...and why doesn't Aquaman fight Blackjack any more? And what happend to the one-issue-only villains who didn't even merit 6 pages of story? I hate these fancy new villains like Black Manta and Ocean Master!"

Just goes to show, no matter how classic a run is the time, someone, somewhere, hated it!


Joseph Brian Scott said...

"Dear Editor, please give the fans what they want and have superheroes drawn to be spindly, eyebrowless, pursed-lip grub people with wild hair. Or else I will only buy romance comics."

Matt Maldre said...

my favorite part: "And if you like coincidences, here's one. You changed Aquaman and I'm changing to some other kind of comic."