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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Adventure Comics #270 - March 1960

Comics Weekend "The Menace of Aqualad!" by Robert Bernstein and Ramona Fradon.

It's Adventure Sunday!

Wow, it only took one month and Aquaman's kid sidekick is already turning on him! Kids these days!
All of a sudden, Aqualad starts talking about how he will take over once Aquaman retires! The Sea King is perplexed, wondering if the fortune teller might have been on to something. Aqualad takes off without telling Aquaman where he's going, even going so far as to commanding some squid to shoot black ink, covering his trail.

The next morning, Aqualad reappears and asks Aquaman about how long he can survive on land without water. Wondering why he's asking, Aqualad replies: "Just gathering useful information." Uh-oh...
...and so ends another adventure for Aquaman and Aqualad!

Ah, so it turns out that Aqualad (who is called that for the first time here) hadn't turned bad after all, this was all a fake so he could build a home for the two of them. How sweet!

It's interesting to notice how soon DC was trying to position Aqualad as the next generation Aquaman--I don't have proof, but I feel like this was one of the earliest times there was ever even a mention of a hero retiring and being replaced by his sidekick (did Batman talk about this stuff to Robin in the 50s?). Also, check the cover--they plug Aqualad being in the book over Aquaman! Hoo boy, if I was Arthur I would have been a little worried.

On the art front, I love that panel of Aquaman and Aqualad sitting on the sea floor eating cake. Takes me back to my days at the Kubert School, minus the superhero costumes.*



Anthony said...

Nice story... noticed the cover billing, too.

Re: Superboy: Beings from a subatomic world abduct Ma and Pa Kent, with said beings impersonating the Kents, but not for long. Superboy ends up saving their subatomic world after misadventures with Red Kryptonite.

Too bad Ray Palmer at this time's probably some high school student somewhere... wonder if Superman ever told him about this adventure. :-p

TheFlash said...

I don't think they're eating that cake on the sea floor. I believe they are still on the back of the whale above water.

Unknown said...

Viva Adventure Sunday!

I remember this from the 70's too. I guess we're in the heavily reprinted era of Aquaman now.

Aqualad shows some real promise here for interior design. Wonder if he's the one who swanked out the Titan's cave.

TheFlash is on it. What's the Shrine's version of a no-prize?

James Chatterton

Russell said...

That is probably the creepiest cover I've seen in a LONG time. Not only is Superboy sleeping in his costume (?) but those aliens are wearing plastic-skin suits as well as masks? (Check out "Ma's" arms...) And of course the aliens are just plain creepy looking regardless of what they are doing. I for sure would not have picked this story up if I had seen it on the stands. Yikes!