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Friday, December 13, 2013

Original Aquaman Art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado NOW ON SALE!

For the Aqua-Fans who are fans of the work of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado (that's pretty much all of us, right?) comes some exciting news, courtesy F.O.A.M.er Ivan da Costa:

Chiaroscuro Studios art sales on CAF
New art agency representing top artists opens CAF gallery for art sales

Chiaroscuro Studios is a just-launched agency representing several top talents including Ivan Reis, Rafael Grampá, Renato Guedes, Yildiray Cinar, Eddy Barrows, Eduardo Pansica, Thony Silas, and many more.

Chiaroscuro Studios will also take care of the art sales of most of these artists and have just opened a gallery on CAF with artwork from Ivan Reis’ best-selling runs on JUSTICE LEAGUE and AQUAMAN, including several interior pages, splashes and covers not previously offered to the comic art market, such as Ivan’s stunning ABSOLUTE BLACKEST NIGHT wraparound cover.

You can check the gallery and the available original art pieces (prices included) at: http://www.comicartfans.com/gallerydetail.asp?gcat=94774. Paypal accepted.

And for a full list of artists represented by Chiaroscuro Studios please visit www.chiaroscuro-studios.com

Check it out, Aqua-Fans! Here's your chance to own some of the best Aquaman art of the last quarter century. Thanks to Ivan for letting us know!


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Unknown said...

That is awesome, wish I had some extra cash right now. lol