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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 70

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 70 - Forever Evil/Listener Feedback

Shag and I kick off this episode chatting about FOREVER EVIL! The remainder of the show is dedicated to you...yes, you the listener! We compiled feedback from several recent episodes and then did our best to scale Mt. Feedback! The listeners of this show (affectionately called "Nuclear Subs") compose the single greatest podcast listening community on the planet! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your episode!

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Earth 2 Chris said...

Wow, the final word from Roy Thomas...so it IS the final word. And how cool is it that Roy, a founding father of comics fandom, chimed in on the podcast, which in many ways is the most modern version of the fanzines that first pioneered fandom 50 years ago?

Shag, I'm a recent Doctor Who covert. After years and years of hearing of the show, I finally caved as started watching shortly before the season finale in the spring. The whole family is hooked, particularly my son, who even dressed as the 11th Doctor for Halloween this year. The mini-episode with Paul McGann was intriguing, so we watched the TV movie this weekend. We liked it! Looking forward to "The Day of the Doctor" but hate to see Matt Smith go.


Diabolu Frank said...

1) Another spin-off podcast? Forget M.A.S.H., you guys are becoming All in the Family. If Rob is Archie, does that make Shag Edith or Meathead?

2) Of course Rob inaugurates the show with another Simpsons reference.

3) It's funny to consider how similar the creative musical chairs in the Bronze Age was to the same scenario in the New 52. The obvious difference is that in the '70s, the imaginative lunatics were running the asylum, where today it's more like the fascists crushing multitudes under the wheels of their timely trains.

4) Late run Tomb of Dracula was a favorite bargain read of mine, pulled out of flea market bins in the early '80s.

5) I've tried listening to this episode on my phone, in the car, and at home, but swaths of narration in the Universalish Monsters story are simply imperceptible. It's like a reel is missing, especially when the chick gets defenestrated one minute, enslaved the next, and then turns into a werewolf (I guess?) I liked the casting on Dracula and Frankenstein, but it devolves massively once the Monster appears.

6) I used to watch the Abbott & Costello movies as a kid, and preferred them to the actual Monster movies, since they were faster paced and jam-packed. It was Universal Team-Up. I never gravitated toward Hammer Films, which were far too slow for me as a kid, and too shabby/tame as an adult. I did like the recent The Woman In Black though.

7) I think you need the Neal Adams art to appreciate the Universal story (especially if you can't hear half of it,) but I preferred the Man-Thing story without visuals. I didn't actually like it, just preferred it as pure audio. The clown was pretty intense, but I was unaffected as I drove through the dark night alone listening.

8) This next tune is a dedication from Frank to Count Drunkula on his assessment of previous podcast guests: Bawk-bawk, buddy!" I admit to finding Rob's repackaging of Power Records digital recordings readily available on one of his satellite blogs less lazy and pushy with the help of Earth Two Chris.

9) "Essential Man-Thing" is Martha Stewart's idea of dirty talk.

Diabolu Frank said...

10) Glad Chris mentioned Michael Bailey's Graphic Audio interview. I've got "Last Sons," which was mostly amusing, and hope to try more someday.

11) I'm reminded that the '70s were a much more permissive time. They were only just beginning to childproof the world, and the parents of baby boomers grew up on comic strips where Micky Mouse repeatedly attempted suicide due to a broken heart. Also, this was before the great teenage suicide boom of the 1980s, immortalized in the hit song by Big Fun.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Umm....Frank...I think your comments ended up under the wrong episode. But thanks for the feedback on the Power Records show!


Russell said...

I had one of those form letters from DC with the heroes standing on each other's shoulders and then the top guy was holding the DC bullet. I got Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Aquaman, and Captain Marvel, drawn by Dick Giordano. This would have been circa 1980? I think I kept it because I thought it was cool, but I'm not sure where it is now.