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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our Top 10 Favorite Aquaman Moments from Geoff Johns

Today is the release of Aquaman #25, Geoff Johns' swan song on the title. Johns' influence on the Sea King and his world cannot be overstated, so as we promised on November 11, today we present the man's Top 10 Aquaman moments, as picked by you! So without further ado:
10. "Hello, Old Friend" Aquaman #19
9. "Gotham Central" • Aquaman #15

8."Aquaman Puts A Lid On The Trench" • Aquaman #4

7. "Sea World" • Aquaman #17

6. "Starting Over" • Aquaman #1

5. "Jaws" • Aquaman #0

4. "Heavy Is The Head" • Justice League #17

3. "Tempest" • Aquaman #7

2. "Don't Be Like The Rest of the World" • Aquaman #13

...and finally, by a fair fathom, most Aqua-Fans' favorite Geoff Johns' moment with the New 52 Aquaman was right at the beginning:
 1. "Bank Job"Aquaman #1

Most Aqua-Fans found this opening so exciting, so promising, and so anti-everything that had come before that it signaled that this truly was going to be a new era for Aquaman. And so it was!

Thanks to everyone for participating, sending in suggestions and ideas. And of course thanks to Geoff Johns, who helped bring Aquaman back from the dead (literally) and re-install him as a main pillar of the DC Universe. His work ensures he will be part of the pantheon of Great Aquaman Creators, joining legends like Ramona Fradon, Nick Cardy, Jim Aparo, Steve Skeates, Neal Pozner, and others. And that's good company to be in.

Nice job Geoff--all us Aqua-Fans owe you a big thanks!

Post Script: Did your favorite moment not appear on this list? We got dozens and dozens of submissions, so if there's an Aqua-Moment from Geoff Johns you think deserves an Honorable Mention, leave it here in the comments!


Unknown said...

Will miss Geoff for sure! Excited though for what may still lay ahead! It's been an amazing take on Arthur for sure.

Count Drunkula said...

You didn't feature my favorite Aquaman moment, so I'm boycotting this blog until after Thanksgiving!

Rock Roche said...

Manta's Origin and the reveal panel of the 7 relics. Ya'wara's introduction & her fight with Mera. Arthur in the desert. Too many to choose, hope Jeff Parker took notes.

Ryan said...

Great list! I could name 10 more but especially Aquaman's defeat of Black Manta at the end of #13 where Manta said "Kill me!" and Arthur replied something like "I probably will but not today" Johns will be missed on Aquamam but i am excited he will be taking Aquaman, Mera and Atlantis back to Justice League too.

Anonymous said...

I havent read #25 yet. I lost interest in Aquaman since the whole Death of A King arc but seeing these moments reminds me how much I loved the series prior. Thanks for putting this up.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Loved revisiting all these moments. Great piece.

KJ Sampson said...

Definitely the slow reveal of Aquaman swimming in the sea, until you realize he's actually plunging into a desert. And then he says, "Uh-oh."