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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Labor Day

These are two still shots from the trailer to the upcoming Jason Reitman film Labor Day. The story is set in 1987, so as you can see the prop wrangler did a nice job finding period-correct comic books!

Up top you can see Teen Titans Spotlight #10 (starring Aqualad), which came out in February of that year. That copy of Batman (#398) is a little old, but Outcasts #1 and Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #354 are all from the same year, so overall it's pretty spot-on.

Since all the comics seen are DCs, I assumed that Labor Day was a Warner Bros. film, but it's not--it's Paramount. So why the rack is all DC books is a mystery to me, for the moment at least. In any case, nice to see an Aquaman comic (sort of) in a big time feature film, if only for a moment.

Eagle-eyed F.O.A.M. member D.C. Dill alerted me to this, so he deserves all the credit. If you want to watch the entire trailer, you can watch it here. Thanks D.C.!

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Anonymous said...

Great looking Preview!