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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

AquaShrines: Russell Burbage

Behold--The Aquaman Shrine of Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage!

Somehow we've gone this long without posting these pics (Russell says he's sent them to me before, but I think he's lying), so I thought today would be appropriate since it's Russell birthday! Here are are some closer-up shots:
Alongside all the usual suspects, here are a couple of things here that even I don't recognize (that shot of Aquaman on his Ski-Doo in the last picture, for instance), making for one awesome of collection of things orange and green.

Russell has been an enormously positive force in terms of Aquaman and the Shrine; I can confidently say the Shrine would not nearly be as good a resource without his efforts. Everyone wish him a happy birthday!


r duncan said...

Awesome Shrine Russell. happy birthday.

Designer Daddy said...

Happy Birthday Russell! May you be showered with many surprise Aqua-gifts! :)

Unknown said...

That is a fantastic collection Russell! I have a lot of those myself...but not nearly in the mint-in-box condition you do!

Happy birthday aqua-friend!

Andy Luckett said...

Wow, that's an Aqua-Shrine for the ages! Happy birthday Russell!

Earth 2 Chris said...

WOW, sweet swag Russel! Happy B-day, and thanks for all you bring to the Shrine!!!


Orin's dad said...

Happy Birthday Russell! What an awesome personal shrine. Thanks for all you to do help the Shrine! It is way appreciated!

Russell said...

Thanks, guys! Love hanging out with one of the best cyber communities EVER! :-)

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Happy belated b-day, Burb! Tanks for all you contribute to the Shrine and Aquamanica in general!