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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Aquaman on The Michael J. Fox Show

Michael J. Fox, Aquaman fan?

It's quite possible, for if you saw an episode of The Michael J. Fox Show from a few weeks ago (entitled "Neighbors"), there was not one, but two mentions of the Sea King! The first can be found at the :15 mark here (thanks NBC, for not allowing embedding of YouTube clips--and you wonder why network TV viewership is dying?), when Fox's character Mike Henry bemoans that the Parkinson's meds he's on don't come with cool side effects.

The second mention came a bit later, when after some trouble with an upstairs neighbor, Henry muses that "I bet this never happens to Aquaman."

As Comicbook.com points out here, there is a previous connection between Fox and Aquaman: Fox of course starred in Back to the Future, which featured a brief appearance by Norman Alden (playing the soda jerk who refuses to give Marty McFly a tab without ordering something!), who of course played Aquaman on the first few season of the Super Friends!

Is Fox a fan, or was the reference the work of one of the writers? I guess we'll never know...


Michael Jones said...

And of course the video is not viewable outside of America.
I'd wager that MJF is the fan.

Anonymous said...

I think it was widely reported weeks back when this aired that Fox is a fan and has script approval priviledges.

Anonymous said...

That is just awesome. I think I'm going to make some time to watch this show now.

Tusky the Walrus said...

Aquaman in a Delorean?
Run for It Mera!
Does anyone else see the possibilities?