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Friday, October 18, 2013

Super-Team Family - Aquaman and IronMan/The Human Torch

Aquaman has made a couple of appearances over on the always-fun, always-inventive Super-Team Family...The Lost Issues blog, which manages to craft team-ups that I would have killed to see as a kid. STF #537 in particular would have been the fastest 60 cents I ever spent.

One quibble: Aquaman is getting the short end of the trident in both of these covers; any chance the next time he appears the Sea King could be the one doing the saving?


Randy Meyer said...

Seems to me that the Aqua/Torch cover is vaguely reminiscent of stories where the events play out either in the anguished hero's mind or that it is a trick designed to wipe out a virus of some kind.

Or it's an Aquaman robot that has been wiped out and the real Aquaman is getting ready to pounce on Johnny. Hopefully, he'll be wearing a fire-proof wet-suit of some kind.

Wings1295 said...

The person who does these is so talented. I love seeing what's next!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Me too! These are great.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

I live for his blog! And there are so many covers I wish were real!!!!!!!