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Monday, September 30, 2013

Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume XIII

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: WHO'S WHO: THE DEFINITIVE PODCAST OF THE DC UNIVERSE, Volume XIII

This time around we chat about WHO'S WHO: Volume XIII, discussing characters such as Krypto, Lady Lunar, The Legion of Superheroes, Liberty Belle, and Lois Lane! We wrap up the show with Listener Feedback!

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Count Drunkula said...

Another… podcast, fellas!

I have never been much of a Legion of Superheroes fan. I've tried to get into different eras of their stories but they've never been able to hook me. The best run I read was Mark Waid's pre- and then post-Infinite Crisis series, which became Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes. That was an enjoyable read. Of course, Mark Waid could get me to read a book starring Jericho.

Okay, no he couldn't. No one could.

Looker? Whew… If I never heard of Looker before I could have guessed she was an Outsiders character. Sadly, I have heard of the character. So sadly…

I've always loved Liberty Belle. In Ryan's Fantasy World of Whiskey and Wish-Fulfillment, Libby would get a Bucky Barnes-style revitalization, making her a notorious, behind-enemy-lines combatant in World War II, rallying resistance fighters in Occupied Europe, maybe teaming up with Sgt. Rock. I'm not sure how that would work with the whole power from ringing the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia thing, but whatever.

Martin Gray said...

That's easy, Count Drunkula - we give Libby Lawrence super-tinnitus, so the power never leaves her.

Anyway, top podcast, chums. What IS that blotch on Lois's face on the cover, a purple patch? Anyway, I loved Mindy Newell and Gray Morrow's 'micro series' for its realistic-feeling take on Lois, it was like a Lou Grant Daily Planet. But poor, poor Lana ...

Oh, and what the heck is wrong with Klurkor? Of course Lo would learn it, in Kandor, perhaps when visiting her lookalike Sylvia (who was, of course, married to Superman lookalike Van-Zee). In return, she could teach her volunteer nurse skills. Or journalism. Or stalking.

I agree that you should get co-hosts for the Legion Who's Who episode, otherwise we're ruddy doomed.

That poster who said he could do a better picture than Bob Smith, let's see it then!

There's really nothing wrong with Looker, apart from her origin, pesonality and costume. The powers were OK, I liked that she didn't fly in the traditional manner, but walked. Or more likely, strutted. The only time I took to her was in the Mudpack stories.

I always had a fondness for Lilith, especially in her Teen Titans back-ups, in which she was searching for her true family; she'd ride across America, a psychic redhead in green plaid, and constantly run into psychic redheads in green plaid who WEREN'T her relatives, but were, rather, crooks. Poor lass.

Oh, and nice one Rob in recommending as a great Krypto story the one in which he gets fried ...

(I shall also repost at the Aquaman Shrine!)

Count Drunkula said...

Super-tinnitus: nice!

Count Drunkula said...
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Unknown said...

Wow! Deja Vu!

Russell said...

I always liked the visual of Lois interviewing Lightning Lad. I thought it worked.

I think Krypton deserved a two-page spread, but I'm not sure why Kryptonite got anything. It's a rock, people.

Kung is my least favorite character EVER! "kung" is a Chinese word, not Japanese. So no Japanese person would ever name himself this. Shame on you, Gerry Conway.

Lady Lunar is from a few WORLD'S FINEST issues that I vaguely recall reading.

Serious Legion of Substitute Heroes = Good. Humorous Legion of Substitute Heroes = Bad.

Greg LaRoque was a pedestrian LSH artist whereas Steve Lightle and Keith Giffen were awesome. Nothing wrong with his style, but nothing to write home about, either.

Regarding the comparison between the art of the Legue of Super Assassins and Legion of Super Villains, Steve Lightle is obviously a Legion fan, whereas Joe Staton appears to not be. If Joe is, his love doesn't shine through the way Steve's does. 'Nuff said.

Lightning Lad has always been one of my favorites. Dave Cockrum did design this costume, but this art is not him at his best.

I'm sorry, but am I the only one who thinks Lightning Lass is drawn badly disproportioned? I think this is one of the worst drawings in the issue. WTH is she actually doing here, leaning over and...what?! She looks WAY better on the cover as drawn by Perez, sorry!

I'm pretty sure Lightning Lord is not the *only* non-twin on Winath. One of few, but not the only one. As an aside, it always bothered me that Garth and Imra had twins, when twins are from eggs from the mother, not the father.

I laughed out loud when Shag said he hated Lilith. I, too, never understood the appeal of this character. Get thee to a nunnery!

I think Lois Lane is my favorite page in this issue (followed by the LSV entry). It's almost perfect.

I guess I'm a mutant, because I always liked The Outsiders but always hated Looker. Her costume is terrible, her powers are stupid, and her character is awful. I agree with the comment that her greatest moment was in The Mud Pack story from DETECTIVE. Otherwise, blech.

I won't argue the validity of characters like Lord Satanis and Lord Shilling getting full page entries when characters like Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang didn't, but on the other hand I *liked* how these entries showcased the rich and variant history that DC could claim. I never tracked down any Tomahawk stories, but Lord Shilling still sounded kind of cool.

Sean Koury said...

You were right, Rob. I did get all excited. Guess I should get the Little Cheese Who's Who in the Zoo Crew entry up next.