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Monday, September 02, 2013

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 64

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 64 - Aquaman #23/Fury of Firestorm #3 Classic

This episode Shag and I cover the final chapter of "Death of a King" in AQUAMAN #23 by Geoff Johns, Paul Pelletier, Sean Parsons, and Rod Reis. Next, we take a few moments to discuss JUSTICE LEAGUE #23, the concluding installment of "The Trinity War". Finally, we tackle THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #3 (Aug 1982) by Gerry Conway, Pat Broderick, Rodin Rodriguez, and Gene D'Angelo. Killer Frost makes the scene and there'll be a cold time in the old town tonight!

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Gene Hendricks said...

To answer the question raised this time, I am a fan of the Peter David Aquaman. That was the series of Aquaman that introduced me to the character and I have nearly a complete run of that series. I'd love to see more coverage of the character on the Shire and F&W, but I wouldn't want to for anyone to cover a topic they aren't thrilled with.

Anonymous said...

The Peter David era was by far the best and largest in scope (until G. Johns started writing Aquaman).
During the PAD era the Aquaman universe got expanded like never before, the history got detailed in the EXCELLENT Atlantis Chronicles, Time and Tide and the Annuals.
Aquaman FINALLY got an increased power level matching his status as one of the Big 7 (also thanks to Grant Morisson's DEFINITE run on JLA) going up against characters like the Deep Six and Olympian (JLA Classified)

All in all, although Johns's run will probably go down as the best run in Aquaman's history, PAD's run still is the best until that happens.

I hope we see Sea King again, because there's so much potential for amazing stories and the design was flat out AMAZING.

Finally major props to Shag for standing up for the 90's Aquaman.

Count Drunkula said...

I've gotten the impression you avoid solicitations or previews for upcoming comics, Rob. If that's the case, without spooling anything story wise, the "Dead King" story arc doesn't conclude until November's issue #25.

Chris Franklin said...

I bought David's Aquaman for several years, and I enjoyed the comic, despite my misgivings with what he was doing with the character. I like David's work, but I often feel he goes out of his way to remake character's to fit his needs, rather than just write compelling stories of the established version of the character.

Having said all that, the folks behind "The New 52" should not be throwing stones, since they are living in a HUGE glass house. I predict that in 10 or 20 years from now much of this reboot will be even more maligned and laughed at than much of the 90s stuff. Aquaman is one of the few characters who hasn't been rebuilt into an edgier, angrier version of his former self. A good chunk of the DCU is barely recognizable to old fans. So poking fun at the 90s Aquaman constantly is in bad taste, and just asking Karma to kick them in the rear down the road.


Earth 2 Chris said...

By the way, the post above is me, Earth 2 Chris.

Siskoid said...

Hahaha. Karma.

I otherwise echo Chris' thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Considering Geoff Johns stated his favorite writer of Aquaman was Peter David, are we sure he's intentionally taking malicious shots at David's version of the Sea King? Maybe he just likes to reference it any chance he gets, and sometimes it just comes off as poking fun.

BlUsKrEEm said...

It seems that you guys always manage to report on an issue three days before it gets to me. Could you do me a favor and report on the Black Manta issue next week? I don't care if you have to make it up. I just really want that comic. Heck, if that works could you go ahead and report on another Manta issue the week after?

Diabolu Frank said...

0. I would have responded sooner, but for some reason this episode didn't download correctly onto my phone while I spent two hours waiting for service on my car. I instead ended up listening to most of the "How Did This Get Made" episode for Sylvester Stallone's Cobra, which was impossibly somehow worse than the movie itself, which we all know starred a 1950 Mercury Monterey as lead actor. I highly recommend the Demolition Man podcast though, which is probably the best of them I've heard.

1. There are few things that I love more than zombies. I was recently informed that I'm an "old school-- like Romero" fan by a guy who decided to start collecting comics because Walking Dead. If you don't know to say "Walking Dead" with at least a hint of derision, you're not a true zombie fan. I like the good ones, regardless of slow, fast, or controversial affiliation (yes, 28 Days Later is a zombie movie, but its original title was Day of the Dead.) I'm all for O'Bannon flavor.

2. I tried doing Ted Knight on the Martian Manhunter animated opening deal. It's not an easy wall to scale.

3. Haven't you been reading the Villains Month books? No child in the New 52 can escape being orphaned/abused. Why would Rob wish that on Sugar & Spike? They could end up facing a zombie Cabbage Patch doll that eats other dolls on Christmas! How would that sit as a stocking stuffer?

4. I don't like the beard. We did that for a very long time, and I like looking at the nice, clean, iconic Aquaman. Also, put a shirt on, nature boy.

5. No offense to Tula fans, but I'm all about reintroducing Lorena Marquez.

6. I still haven't properly read "Trinity War." Got the books, but I've stalled out on reading new DC Comics again. Say, the Earth-3 Martian Manhunter appeared in a tiny cameo in 52 #52, so Sea King has that over him.

7. I was more behind Rhonda Pineda than Ryan Choi, but at least Atomika could turn up as a decent villain for a Tiny Titan (whoever might end up in the role) who sorely needs a rogues gallery.

8. I liked the temperature of Shag's resentment when he got into Johns' dissing of Peter David. Johns got applause for doing the exact same thing to the Jared Stephens Fate, and he's done variations on that sort of Mortal Kombat fan-pro finishing move since. Personally, I stopped buying monthly issues of the PAD run early, and I agree with Rob about the unfortunate avenues that were explored during those years. I feel much the same way about the Ostrander/Mandrake Martian Manhunter series. However, those runs turned people on to characters we do love, and each introduced concepts that were of value, so I think it's more constructive to explore the good aspects than to just burn it all in effigy. A lot of the New 52 feels like someone pissing on a loved one's grave, and it's off-putting to say the least.

9. I also owned only the first issue of For Your Eyes Only, bought cheap at a flea market, and it was lame. The one I loved was the adaptation of Raiders of the Lost Ark. We cherish those early books, perusing and rereading them so often that they imprint permanently on our young minds. I've heard that the first time on heroin is an incomparable orgiastic experience that junkies try in vein to recreate, with consistently diminishing results. It's called "chasing the dragon." Comic collecting is a lot like that, with good newer books being better "product," a higher grade, but it's never quite the same, is it?

Diabolu Frank said...

10. Oh, one more. The bit in Firestorm about the judicial appointments: Reinhold Weege has said that part of the inspiration for the '80s TV series Night Court was the mayor of an outgoing administration intentionally appointing incompetent judges during his last days of office to screw over his incoming rival. Possible connection?

aquadcd said...

I apologize for not commenting on the podcast before. I feel like I've been late and playing catch up. But I have to say that the thread of 'Finding your Joy' has really struck a chord with me. I've been leaning away from today's comics and more and more into comics from the past. And I truly enjoy the reviews of the classic Firestorm comics. In fact, it makes me wish we could start reviewing some classic Aquaman comics. Maybe starting with Aparo?

At any rate, I have to say that I've been loving a re-read of old 1960's JLA comics. And the only reason I could find to pull me out of that to read the current trinity storyline was to stay current with this podcast.

Excellent job, Rob and Shagg. Please keep it up.


D.C. Dill AKA Chuck Dill AKA Aquadcd