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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Splash Page Saturday: Aquaman #62

The late, great Don Newton's run on Aquaman was all-too-brief: he took over from Jim Aparo in Aquaman #60, then continued with the strip when it moved over (yet again) to Adventure Comics, and then when it moved again to World's Finest Comics, moving on one issue later.

But in that brief time, he delivered some spectacular visuals. His sense of movement and fluidity was a perfect match for undersea-based characters, and in this splash page he combines that sense of movement with old-school graphics, incorporating the story's title into the picture. Mera's figure--slightly at angle--dominates the picture, her red hair being a bullseye that draws the eye. Overall, a wonderfully composed (and colored, by Adrienne Roy) piece!

If you want to learn more about Don Newton and see even more of his outstanding work, visit the official Art of Don Newton site!

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Earth 2 Chris said...

Thanks for posting this, and the link Rob. I followed "The Art of Don Newton" years ago, but lost track of it as updates became fewer and fewer.

Newton was a seminal influence on me, and I consider him to still be one of the most unsung talents who ever worked in comics, although I have seen the tide change in the last decade with frequent mentions of praise in places like Back Issue, here and on various podcasts. He more than deserves it!!!