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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hey Kids, Comics! ON SALE NOW!

Today's the day! Literally years in the making, Hey Kids, Comics!: True-Life Tales From The Spinner Rack s now available on Amazon and Create Space!

Hey Kids, Comics!: True-Life Tales From The Spinner Rack retails for $17.99, and is 262 pages of chills, spills, laughter, tears, and adventure. Featuring these scintillating secret comic book origins:
  • Hey Kids...THUD! by Sholly Fisch 
  • Four-Color Timelines by Chris Ryall 
  • Hey Kids, Science! by James Kakalios 
  • Every Sunday by Gene Hult 
  • I Was A College Comics Reader by Elisabeth Rappe 
  • The Thrill of the Hunt by Robert Greenberger 
  • Portals to Other Dimensions—Ten Cents Each! by J.M. DeMatteis 
  • The Weekly Pilgrimage by Ed Catto 
  • My Encounter by John Zakour 
  • The Catalpa Tree by Steve Skeates 
  • The Black Cat and the Gentleman by Roxanna Meta 
  • Of Sand, Sea Nettles and Surplus Furniture: My Secret Origin by Glen Weldon 
  • Comics Are For Everyone! by Jill Pantozzi 
  • Living A Comic Book Life by Javier Hernandez 
  • Secret Origin by Steve Englehart 
  • Where Creatures Roam by Mike Howlett 
  • Blood The Page! by Richard Harland Smith 
  • Uncle Bob by Tim Schlattmann 
  • In Brightest Day, In Blackest Waaugh! by Kevin Dilmore 
  • Little Stephen and the Mysterious Magazines by Stephen DeStefano 
  • Comics on Infinite Minds by Marc Tyler Nobleman 
  • Comics Don’t Cause Nightmares by Aaron Scott 
  • “An All-Star Collection of the Greatest Super-Stories Ever Published!" by Paul Kupperberg 
  • “Here’s A Superman for That Detective Comics…” by Jim Beard 
  • The Great Wall of Comics by David Galassie 
  • Growing Up On Bash Street by Dan Whitehead 
  • Lost and Found by Erika D. Peterman 
  • The Comic Book Baron of New Jersey by Doug Slack 
  • Secrets of the Big Box by Shaun McLaughlin 
  • The Magic of Comics by Doug Zawisza 
  • Confessions of a Comic Book Thief by Mark Wheaton 
  • Steel-Hard Skin by Evan Narcisse 
  • 1976 - A Christmas Odyssey by Neal Patterson 
  • All in Color for (a Nickel or) a Dime! by Craig Wichman 
  • Spirit of ’74 by David Morefield 
  • Intersecting Panels by Paul Castiglia 
  • The Field by Tim Neenan 
  • Mahalo, Keniki by Alan Brennert   
  • No Careless Product of Wild Imagination… by Chad Nance

Punctuated with vintage photos, Hey Kids, Comics! is a must for any comics fan or student of pop culture history!

Click below to get your copy of Hey Kids, Comics!: True-Life Tales From The Spinner Rack today!



Earth 2 Chris said...

That's awesome Rob! Congrats!


Unknown said...

Well done! Congratulations.

Little Russell Burbage said...

I want to read this RIGHT NOW. :-)

Joseph Brian Scott said...

This looks so good!

Andy Luckett said...

Congratulations Rob! It looks great; can't wait to read it!