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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hey Kids, Comics!: A Fire and Water Podcast Special

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

This special episode of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST focuses on my new book HEY KIDS, COMICS!: TRUE-LIFE TALES FROM THE SPINNER RACK. Shag and I talk about the origins of the book, the vintage photos, and present audio clips of some of the essays read by the authors themselves!

Featuring the guest voices of West Anthony, Sholly Fisch, Paul Kupperberg, and Erika D. Peterman

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You can buy HEY KIDS, COMICS! now on Amazon or Create Space

Have a question or comment? Drop us a line at firewaterpodcast@comcast.net

Opening theme, "That Time is Now," by Michael Kohler.

Closing music by Daniel Adams and Ashton Burge of The Bad Mamma Jammas! http://www.facebook.com/BadMammaJammas

Thanks for listening! Fan the Flame and Ride the Wave!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Well, I'm sold. Well, I was already sold, but I just need to remember to get myself a copy!

Best infomercial podcast I ever heard. Seriously, this was a great episode, despite the well-deserved sales pitch. The readings by the story authors were very engaging and make me want to read the book that much more.

Congrats again Rob. I'll do my best to get the word out!


Siskoid said...

Wow, Rob, it looks great, I love this sort of thing! It's kind of like Chicks Dig Comics, but EVERYBODY Digs Comics(and you thought of it first even if CDC has similar content). Well, I'm ready to dig it.

If only Amazon.ca already had a listing...

Count Drunkula said...

Congratulations on the book, Rob! It looks and sounds terrific! I put "Hey Kids, COMICS!" at the top of my birthday list.

Diabolu Frank said...

1. I got a little peeved over a second "specialty" episode in a row and no Who's Who due to nerdtitlement, but this one really won me over. Way to work a hostile crowd!

2. I've got a story quite similar to Sholly Fisch's, but it involved more trauma, so I'll save that for another time.

3. I like Paul Kupperburg as a memoirist.

4. I know that there are pictures of me as a kid handling comics in existence, but I don't think they're anywhere I'll ever be able to access, and quite probably are in a landfill today. I tossed through what surviving pics I have, and the closest I came was me at around 16 wearing a Marshal Law shirt.

5. Erika Peterman's story was my favorite of the audio files, and kudos on her Nubia costume!

6. Given all the Jules Feiffer, Gerard Jones, and Lupoff & Thompson on my bookshelf, "Hey Kids" should fit right in. I'll grab a copy with my next Amazon order.

7. If anyone's interested, now that Comicvine has stopped allowing remote image embeds, I've been going back and creating videos for my old Comic Reader Résumé posts. The first one sucked, since I stiffly read the existing text. The second and
third ones are better because I loosened up and went free form, but they ramble and are unfocused. I think I still need more practice with this stuff. They're very much in Rob's "hey, look at this cool comic I read" area, but I hope they'll get closer to the book's deeper material as they progress and my memories get stronger.

Siskoid said...