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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Some very nice cosplay here, mixing and matching different Aquaman eras, not to mention genders!

From the Cosplay Tumblr Rule 63.


Aquaman1054 said...

The cosplayer did a lovely job on her costume. This is one of the great things about fan-dom, comic book geeks, and cosplay: we can like and represent who we wish to. Bravo!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Yeah, great job! The netting on top is a nice touch, evoking a nautical feel.

Is there a cosplay rule about switched gender cosplay of an already gender-switched character? Like a female dressing up as Jimmy Olsen in one his cross-dressed guises? Or a male-to-female transexual dressing as Rebis/Negative Man AFTER his male and female constituent parts were separated out again? Or someone, male or female, dressing up as the Composite Superman-Batman, but having "used" Chameleon Boy's powers to change his shape to that of a composite Supergirl-Batgirl? Has that ever happened?