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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DC Chess Collection - Aquaman The Rook

Courtesy F.O.A.M. member Ilke Hincer (who is always finding fun Aqua-stuff on teh interwebs) comes this Aquaman piece for the DC Comics Chess Collection.

This is a handsome piece, and I know how these themed chess sets tend to assign pieces to characters based on their importance to the franchise, but...wouldn't it have been appropriate to make an actual superhero king the king piece in the game?

My nephew excels at chess, and while I generally don't like to play a game I know I'm going to lose, this set might change my mind. Thanks Ilke!


Unknown said...

That's awesome but is each piece sold separately? That could be pretty expensive!

Little Russell Burbage said...

I believe each piece IS sold separately, but then once each individidual piece has been released you can buy the whole set as a set.

Rob, the "king" is Superman, of course. D'uh!!

Wings1295 said...

Awesome, but you are right. The King should be a king! What DC or this company should have done is release a base set with the board and bottoms for all the pieces with the symbols on them (king, queen, knight, bishop, rook, pawns) and then you purchase the DC characters you want and click them INTO the base you want them on. Aquaman could be King for those who want, and if they kept releasing figures, eventually we could get Mera by his side, clicked onto her Queen base.


Joseph Brian Scott said...

Way to go, Caffeinated Joe! Great idea, simple and elegant and would satisfy everyone.

Michael Holloway said...

Of all the DC Chess pieces, Aquaman is naturally the one I want the most! I can't wait to collect this gem!

Andy Luckett said...

Great piece with a strong pose. This set would definitely make me inclined to play more chess. And that's an excellent idea, Caffeinated Joe; let the consumer cast their board!

Unknown said...

Lol the only three pieces I have of the set is aquaman, black manta, and oceanmaster