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Friday, August 02, 2013

Aquaman Art Gallery: Thony Silas

This striking piece is by artist Thony Silas, and comes as a Shrine Exclusive from F.O.A.M.er Ivan da Costa from his book Icons. What's Icons, you say? Well, we'll let Ivan explain:

Comic Book Icons
100 characters, 100 artists, 1 unique book 

"Comic Book Icons - The Book" is a project created to register the exhibition being organized for FIQ - International Comic Book Festival in Brazil, a not for profit event organized by the City of Belo Horizonte scheduled for November 13-17 2013.

Charlie Adlard, Bill Sienkiewicz, Ryan Sook, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Rod Reis, Darwyn Cooke, Sean Murphy, Rafel Albuquerque, Dave Johnson, Scott McDaniel, Mike Deodato, Eduardo Risso, Renato Guedes, Rafael Grampá, Alex Maleev and several others have created original art pieces for the exhibition and for a deluxe hardcover book that will belong in the collection of any comic book or art enthusiast.

This project was created by the art rep and FIQ member Ivan Freitas da Costa and the bilingual book (with texts both in English and Portuguese) is currently on crowd-funding on Catarse (http://catarse.me/pt/icones). Special rewards include signed prints, sketched books and a breakfast with artists during the New York Comic Con in October 2013. 

"Through crowd-funding fans will be able to help producing this book and also cover the expenses to bring Sean Murphy, Peter Kuper and Dave Johnson to FIQ in order to meet their Brazilian fans and to sign the book", Costa says.

For more information about "Comic Book Icons" and to support this project please visit http://catarse.me/pt/icones.


I supported this book during its crowdfunding campaign, and am super-excited to see it published. Ivan has a keen eye for comic book art, so any book curated by him is bound to be feature one great piece after another. He was kind enough to let the Shrine show off the Aquaman piece--the first time it's been seen outside the book--so if you're interested in supporting it, check out this link to see how.

Thanks Ivan!


Wings1295 said...

Beautiful piece and that sounds like a great book!

Unknown said...

Very nice piece! Kind of puts me in mind of Dan Brereton's style

David J. Cutler said...

That piece is sensational.