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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random Panel of the Day #797



Wings1295 said...


Randy Meyer said...

When I was young, growing up on Superfriends, I always thought that Aquaman and Wonder Woman had something going on. And I was a little disappointed when I started reading the comics and found out he was already married to someone I had never heard of before.

Little did I know!!! LOL

What is this panel from, by the way? I like the artwork.

rob! said...

It's from the Flashpoint: Wonder Woman mini.

Anonymous said...

Randy, I've always rather thought that they'd make a great couple. I'm a hopeless romantic, so obviously I love the Arthur/Mera true love story. Still, if I were telling the story, especially starting at the very beginning, I think that an Aquaman/WW relationship could be quite interesting, at least before Mera is introduced.

Jorge PR said...

Count me among the ones who thought Aquaman and WW were a couple on the SF TV show... and I liked that idea.