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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Fire and Water Podcast, Episode 55

The official podcast of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE and FIRESTORM FAN

Episode 55 - Aquaman #20, Justice League #20, DC Villains Month, and Listener Feedback

Shag and I discuss AQUAMAN #20 by John Ostrander, Manuel Garcia, and a slew of inkers. Next we dive right into JUSTICE LEAGUE #20 by Geoff Johns, Zander Cannon, Gena Ha, Andres Guinaldo, and Joe Prado. We also discuss Villains Month, some new DC merchandise, and more! We wrap up with another massive dose of Listener Feedback!

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Earth 2 Chris said...

Rob I am totally jealous of you meeting Alan Brennert. He's always been one of my favorite comic writers, even though he's only written a handful of stories, as you pointed out. The man had TWO stories in the very first edition of "The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told", and at that point he'd probably only written maybe 5 comic stories!

B&B #182 is probably my single all-time favorite comic issue. It's why I go by Earth 2 Chris as it cemented my love for the Earth-Two characters. "To Kill A Legend" is perhaps the greatest single-issue Batman story of all time. In addition to the tales you mentioned, you probably already know Brennert wrote the great Black Canary origin in Secret Origins #50, and a Batman/Alan Scott team-up back-up in an issue of Batman: Black and White drawn by none other than Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (praise be his name)! As you can tell, I'm quite the fan. I need to check his novels out!

And YES, go to your local libraries and check out the comic sections. Shag is right (sorry Rob), most libraries now have really nice selections of tpbs and graphic novels. My wife is a librarian, and she helps order the GNs, since she is a known geek. I do most of my comic reading from the library nowadays. Having had a life-long crush on Barbara Gordon, it's cool to have a wife who is a librarian, but maybe I'm sharing too much here...!!!


Russell said...

Enjoyed the newest episode. I'm right there with you Rob, not feeling the love from DC this month. Add the non-Aqua content to the fact that the Legion of Super-Heroes are getting murdered left and right over in their book and there isn't much to make me happy in comic land. I guess I'll have to go write my own again. ;-)

I wonder why sometimes there are numerous posts over on this page and other times (like now) there are a huge amount of comments on Shag's page. It's weird. I *think* I commented over there, but my allegiance belongs here, so I'm over here, too. :-)