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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Splash Page Saturday: DC Comics Presents #5

I felt it only appropriate to follow this week's Superman-centric Random Panels of the Week with a Splash Page Saturday also featuring the Man of Steel, since I'll be off seeing the new movie today as well!

This is from DC Comics Presents #5, featuring art by the legendary Murphy Anderson (pencils and inks), which was Aquaman's first appearance in the series. I love how angry Supes looks--obviously he could flick those sea creatures off him with little effort, but it looks like he's waiting for his pal Aquaman to show up and explain what in Rao's name is going on! It's a classic splash panel, giving the reader a grabber of an image, promising something exciting to in the pages to follow.

On a side note, that is one confident turtle!


Earth 2 Chris said...

No spoilers, but I loved Man of Steel. What a well-thought out, well-executed film.

I love the Christopher Reeve films, but today's audiences deserve their own Superman, and they finally got one.

Go see it now!


Russell said...

I love this issue and love this art, but I wish Aquaman was a little larger on this splash page.

Randy Meyer said...

When I first discovered the wonderful world of back-issue-buying, the first things I looked for were JLA issues featuring Aquaman and issues of Brave & Bold and DCCP with Aquaman. This one was one of my first that I found. I even got it signed by Murphy Anderson!!

Anthony said...

I saw "Man of Steel" today, but hated it. Everything about it felt too cynical/humorless to me (and couldn't stand the ending)... if this is supposed to be "my own Superman" as "today's audience," I'll take the old one. :-p

On a more positive note, did like the Superman-centric Aqua-panels this week. :-)

wich2 said...

Love the Murph. But that Supes has always looked wonky to me: unnatural pose & tiny noggin.