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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Justice League: I Am Aquaman

Many, many Aqua-Fans have sent in notices about this book, and with good reason: Aquaman, getting his own Chapter Book? Outrageous!

Shrine Correspondent Russell Burbage was generous enough to mail me a copy, and there it sat on my scanner, waiting for me to get around to scanning in a few pages. But I too damn lazy, so Russell went one further and scanned the book in himself, sending me the complete tome all ready to go. Good guy, that Burbage fella.

Anyway, I Am Aquaman is from Harper Collins, and was written by Kirsten Mayer, with art by Andy Smith (pencils and inks), and Brad Vancata (colors). Rather than an origin story, the book features Aquaman and Mera as they await a visit from the Justice League:
They all ride sea horses to Atlantis, where the King and Queen of Atlantis have prepared a feast for their friends (not before shushing Topo off the royal throne):
While outside, Topo gets attacked by Black Manta and King Shark (an unusual inclusion), which Aquaman discovers immediately. Our heroes drop the food and head out to stop them:
Using teamwork, Aquaman, Mera, and the Justice League free Topo, knock out King Shark, and send Black Manta and his Manta Ship hurtling far far away. Aquaman thanks his friends for helping him keep the sea safe. The End!

I don't think there's a whole lot to say about this book except it's awesome that it exists! Aquaman's been appearing in a lot kid books lately, and even though he has to spend most of it as part of the League, it's still fantastic he gets to headline his own volume. Working in Mera (who looks awesome along the League, I think we all agree?), Black Manta, and King Shark is a nice bonus, giving wee kids just learning to read past picture books what Aquaman is all about.

Thanks Russell!


Will Battle said...

The group shot of them all heading towards the reader looks like a redraw of Justice League #15, with Mera replacing Shazam

Designer Daddy said...

We bought this for our 3yo for our plane trip last week. He loved it!

Earth 2 Chris said...

Very nice. Andy Smith's art sure has changed since his early days as a Bart Sears clone!


Joseph Brian Scott said...

This is great; I like the art, the attention given to Aquaman's supporting characters, the homey situation of the JLA sitting down to a meal in Atlantis, all of it. Tanks, Mr. Burbage!

Russell said...

I like the little bits of the story most. I grabbed up three copies of this when I saw it but when I actually sat down to read it I was a little bit disappointed.

As Will Battle pointed out, the JLA attack scene is an obvious swipe from the Throne of Atlantis cover by Ivan Reis. The pose of Aquaman and Mera shown first is also very obviously a swipe from that valentine card by Dick Giordano. The rest of the art is very static and...well...dull.

Don't get me wrong. I love how this is the first time Arthur and Mera show Atlantis off to the JLA, and how they're all about to simply hang out when Black Manta & Killer Shark show up. But then the bad guys get away! Boo, hiss. The bad guys don't get away in Batman's and Superman's books, do they?? (I guess I need to find that out....that's my homework assignment for the weekend, I'll get back to you....)

Shame on you Rob for cutting my favorite part, the scene with Aquaman and Topo. :-)