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Monday, May 13, 2013

Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe, Volume IX

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: WHO'S WHO: THE DEFINITIVE PODCAST OF THE DC UNIVERSE, Volume IX

This time around we chat about WHO'S WHO: Volume IX, discussing characters such as Green Lantern (three different GLs, the Corps, and the Guardians), two incarnations of Green Arrow, Geo-Force, Gentleman Ghost, and many more! We wrap up the show with Who's Who Listener Feedback!

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Anonymous said...

Carlos Mucha here.

I Loved the Global Guardians on the Superfriends 7-9!
Published back in Argentina. I speacially loved Aristides Demetrious the Olympian!! He have the powers of ALL the Argonauts. How cool is that :D

I always would loved a greek mithology comic book. Perez Wonder Woman came really close to that! :)

Diabolu Frank said...

a) "Who's Who: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe? Yeah, I used to listen to them before you ever heard of them, when they were cool, before they sold out to the corporations, yo."

b) "This episode is all about our finally making some green."- Robb Kelly, nerdwhore.

c) Color. Hold. Color hold. Why is that so difficult?

To tell the truth, I've done some research, and it turns out surprint is a totally legitimate term used in the comic book business for the process employed in Who's Who. Probably the reason why "color hold" is now considered more appropriate is because digital effects negate the need to superimpose two drawings to print this effect, as demonstrated by Rick Veitch.

d) "Big Jim Shooter," and occasionally Jim "Straight" Shooter, though that would appear to be the minority opinion.

e) "The Fire & Crystal of Water Podcast" presents "Who's Who in the Legion," hosted by Shag & Anj.

f) Did not like the cover, again. Too much lackluster figure work that all runs together into a mess of blah images.

g) Well crap. Despite my best efforts to conceal my true identity, you've uncovered the fact that I am actually David Bedard of Saskatchewan, Canada. Eh.

h) "See, all the characters are named after gems, from lands named after gems, and we'll discuss that at length." zzzzzzzzzz. Also, Kesel sucks over Colon. As for the HBO pitch, it only works if Dark Opal gives Sapphire a pearl necklace. By the way, Marvel's next Inhumans mini-series is supposed to be Game of Thrones inspired.

i) As a kid, I did not appreciate Bret Blevins on New Mutants, but I love his work now. I've got a bootleg Dr. Strange silkscreen of one of his covers over my desk. That Rita Farr is hot. Any dirty Elongated Girl cosplay out there?

j) Gentleman Ghost is the best Hawkman villain. Great concept. He'd be a fan favorite if not for that Hawkman thing.

k) "The crown jewels of the Markovian royal family are in my pants!"

Russell said...

Ah, I wondered why Frank's comments on Firestorm Fan started with "L." I should have known A-L wasn't lost in the Phantom Zone, haha!

I liked this issue, but it isn't my favorite. Not enough Legion stuff!! That GL Corps logo *was* used for the back-ups in GL for years. I always thought it was cool.

Diabolu Frank said...

r) I have a modest soft spot for Goldface because of his being one of the Silver Age Green Lantern villains thrown under the bus during the JLI years (though he had the misfortune of having it happen via Guy Gardner's solo stories.) He became a union boss in the Flash, as I recall.

s) I'm happy that Gorilla City exists, but have never enjoyed a story set there. Grodd is one of my favorite villains, but I'm sorry in recent years that artists have chosen to both draw him as an actual gorilla and/or recast him as Attar from the Burton Planet of the Apes. I prefer him as depicted in the Silver Age, with a weave and purple-tinged fur that made him distinguishable from his fellows.

t) You laugh, but Jon Bogdanove drew a sexy, bald and most importantly young Granny Goodness for a flashback story in a Secret Origins special. It makes more sense that she would have been fit in her glory years.

u) Gravedigger is friggin' cool, based solely on house ads and reference materials, as I've never once had an issue of his series in my hands. In my Watchmen-flavored Charlton Action Heroes revival that will never come to be, my revised Peacemaker would have been his descendant. Dick Ayers was the journeyman of Marvel comics, providing oodles of serviceable art to their anthology titles. He had very lengthy runs on Sgt. Fury, Two-Gun Kid, Kid Colt and Rawhide Kid.

v) I've yet to be exposed to really good long form George Tuska (or even much that wasn't painful,) but that GA GA image is a rare highlight that may help explain his defenders' position. I quite liked Tuska variant cover for the first issue of Dynamite's piss pore Thunderbolt series. I assume Tuska was chosen to emulate Jack Kirby.

w) The all time greatest Green Arrow logo was designed by Gaspar Saladino for the eponymous 1983 mini-series, only to be abandoned with 1987 The Longbow Hunters. Ollie joins Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman as DC characters published continuously from the Golden through Bronze Ages, meaning none of them have clear break points between ages. Mike Grell draws a nice Queen, but I never cared for how he wrote the character, though I'm sure the TV show draws a lot of inspiration from his work.

x) I think George Freeman drew Green Lantern's issue of Secret Origins. I had a very strong interest in the character throughout the late '90s thanks to his revitalization as Sentinel and the complications that caused with his marriage. Being drawn by Jim Balent, Phil Jimenez, J.H. Williams III and more didn't hurt. Like PAD Supergirl, I dug how mysticism was used set Alan Scott apart from the greater franchise and bestow a sense of purpose amidst like entities. Once all that was swept under the rug (did anybody ever bother to deal with his demoniacally-compromised wife?) I lost interest (plus Paul Pelletier and Don Kramer were not comperable successors on the art front by a damn sight.) I still kind of wish he'd ultimately just become the permanent replacement Dr. Fate.

y) Hal Jordan was my first favorite Green Lantern, because of the Super Powers toy. Exposure to the actual character as written diminished my interest substantially. Guy Gardner became my second favorite GL thanks to JLI and my curious appreciation for the Beau Smith/Mitch Byrd Warrior series, which I still inexplicably have a complete set of. Alan Scott became my third favorite GL in the late '90s, when my interest in Guy waned. Kyle Rayner was never my favorite, but I really liked him as the Firestorm of Morrison JLA. He's been rather pointless since, though. Most importantly, despite a great design and a solid artistic legacy, my contempt for Hal Jordan has grown with each passing year.

Diabolu Frank said...

Reminded of why I usually post to Firestorm Fan by having to pass the verification gate twice since Blogspot wouldn't take my comment in full due to character restrictions.