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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Injustice: Gamers Among Us Part 2

This is the second of several guest posts on the recently released Injustice: Gods Among Us game, written by those who have played it!

sgAndrew Batschelet Injustice: Gods Among Us has finally given us Aquaman fans something to boast about in the gaming world. Not only is Arthur Curry in the game, but he is one of the more unique and skilled fighters (of course right?).

This is the full list of moves that he possesses in game, and can be unleashed upon the DC universe. Not only are they awesome in game, but they are named after all things aqua! Read on, and check back again soon for more updates from I:GAU, and the world of Aquaman including storyline details and more special features detailing Arthur throughout the game; including mentions of Black Manta and Ocean Master? Yes...
Basic Attacks:
 Flounder Fist, Trident Push, Trident Spin, Mera’s Fury, Trident Slam, Whirl Pool, Surface Dwellers, Stingray Sweep, For Neptune, Shark Strike, Rising Trident, Sea Sweep, Urchin Kick, Air Stab, Trident Jab.

Combo Attacks:
 Seven Seas, Aquatic Ace, Marine Marvel, Tidal Wave, From The Depths, Huzzah, Tsunami Slam, Atlantean Strength, Orin Origin, Deep Sea,

Special Moves
Trident Rush: Aquaman rapidly attacks with a flurry of trident strikes.

From The Deep: Aquaman summons his trident from the depths to strike underneath his opponent.

Water Shield: Aquaman's water shield absorbs attacks and projectiles.

Trident Scoop: The trident scoop hits low and if successful will launch the opponent over Aquaman's head.

Trident Toss: Aquaman's trident toss is a long range projectile that inflicts moderate damage and knocks down on hit.

Atlantean Rage: Summoning the full fury of the Seven Seas, Aquaman strikes the opponent with Neptune's trident before summoning a massive tidal wave that engulfs his opponent.

Character Power

Water of Life: While under the effects of the water of life, Aquaman recovers from reactions more quickly, allowing him to slip out of combos or attacks more easily. 

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Anonymous said...

I just picked up the game and will be playing it over the weekend. From what I've seen, Aquaman has the best looking finishing move. Too bad I'm not that big of a fan of fighting games. I do wish someone will come up with a DC version of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game.