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Thursday, April 18, 2013

DC Comics Burbank

Here are some shots of DC's offices in Burbank (or, as Johnny Carson used to call it, "Lovely, downtown Burbank"), including a giant mural that greets visitors as they enter. You can spy Aquaman on the right, above The Flash (I'm sure my Fire and Water Podcast co-host The Irredeemable Shag will be happy to see Firestorm is included as well).

In addition to the mural, a super-angry Aquaman (by Reis/Prado/Reis) looms large over an unknown staffer's office...a mite intimidating to say the least, but still very swanky.

So, um, why do regular format comic books cost $3.99, again?


Jake said...

Wonder if the muralist is now wondering why he was asked to include Damian (sad trombone sound)

Connor Harley said...

Now this one's so cool and updated. I would love to have this on my kid's room.