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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cover to Cover: Adventure Comics #493

This s another installment of Cover to Cover, where we profile a comic that features Aquaman on the front or back, but either not inside the book, or (in this case) as a reprint.

As of Adventure Comics #491, DC's (then) longest-running title had been converted into a digest-sized book, starring heroes that had been featured in the book at one time or another. That list, of course, included Aquaman, and by the time of this issue, they were up to reprinting the classic Aquaman #42!

Rotating heroes got a shot at the "big" panel on the back cover (the front always going to the Legion and whatever new story the book was running), so this month it was Aquaman's turn, courtesy artists Keith Giffen and Romeo Tanghal!


r duncan said...

Yeah, Superboy. That's the way to win Lana's heart. With a 2 million carat diamond. That's a little big for a ring, though.

The Spectre story looks like Spectre and Deadman trying to possess Jason Blood...which would probably have been more interesting than the real story.

Anonymous said...

The Aquaman Story from issue 42 of the first volume was a classic. The cover was a classic too. Is This My Foe? Had Black Manta Holding Aquaman over his head in triumph. Issue 42 was the 3rd chapter in the search for Mera storyline where Aquaman reaches the land of the Maarzons. Black Manta is their "god" and Aquaman thinks that Black Manta is behind Mera's abduction. Playing along Black Manta asked for a duel to the death. This was a terrific story and worthy of a reprint.