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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Aquaman (Vol.6) #70 Original Art

From F.O.A.M.er Scott Cosby comes this page of original Aquaman art:

"I purchased this page art piece of Aquaman #70, page 15 (1994) from a dealer at SoonerCon (Oklahoma City) in 2011. In the story titled: 'Unification By Division', the people of Atlantis and Cerdia are not too thrilled with Aquaman's plans to unite the two nations, and Aquaman has to stop a plot to destroy unification as well as convince the people it's a good idea.

The creative team of this issue includes (script) Dan Jurgens, (pencils) Gordon Purcell, (inks) Claude St. Aubin, (colors) Digital Chameleon, and (letters) John Workman. The war would result in the utter devastation of both Poseidonis and Tritonis as well as ravaging Cerdia. It was revealed that the Ocean Master was behind Cerdia's aggression. He also kidnaps Tempest and Dolphin's son right after his birth. The war is eventually won, Ocean Master is driven off, and Cerdia is annexed by Atlantis. As a token of peace, Tempest and Dolphin name their son Cerdian. What a great story-arc for the Sea-King!"

Thanks Scott!

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