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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Periodic Table of Superheroes T-Shirt

F.O.A.M.er Shawn Brock was nice enough to send in pics of this new t-shirt, featuring the all-stars (plus Red Tornado) of the DCU as they are arranged on the Periodic Table, which all of us were taught, and then promptly forgot, in high school.

Not only does Aquaman show up, but along for the ride are Mera and Aqualad! Black Manta does not, unfortunately, in favor of a preponderance of Batman and Superman baddies. And using Jose Luis Garcia Lopez art is always a surefire path to Win.

Thanks Shawn!



Earth 2 Chris said...

Awesome! I have a similar shirt, but it's not a periodic table, just rectangles full of DC faces.

I wonder why Solomon Grundy is on here in place of, say, Bizarro? And why is his hair gray? Looks like a washed out Hulk?


Anthony Durso (The Toyroom) said...

WTF? Krypto?

Randy Meyer said...

I think that IS Bizarro, not Solomon Grundy. Looks kind of like Ed McGuiness art. Or someone else from that time.

r duncan said...

In the periodic table the vertical columns are called families and the elements in each family have similar qualities. So it makes sense that Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, the Hawks, and Captain Marvel would have their "family" members in columns. (Even though Captain Marvel's is a little messed up.)

Earth 2 Chris said...

Krypto has gotten a lot more play since his cartoon was on. It still airs on Boomerang.

And yes, now I see that is Bizarro, not Grundy. Looked like he had a suit jacket on, but now I see the cape and the string from his "Number 1" sign


FKAjason said...

Seems like they could have slipped Captain Atom in there somwewhere.

Anonymous said...

Who is the ZI under Firestorm?

Designer Daddy said...

Anonymous: that's Zatanna, during her 2nd bad costume phase before returning to the classic tophat/fishnets look.

Also, Rob: why no love for Reddy? I certainly think he should be on there and would be happy to lose the 2 extra Marvels, Krypto and Lois Lane. Replace them with The Atom (talk about overlooked!), Cyborg, Vixen & Beast Boy.

rob! said...

@DD--I was just going for an easy joke. In fact, I'm writing an article for BACK ISSUE about Reddy, so I have greater appreciation for him than ever before!

Doc Savage said...

Where the heck is the Atom? Krypto but no Atom?! It's a periodic table!!

Unknown said...

Hi all! Just brought this top today at comic con!!

We have been sitting here for what feels like an age trying to figure out who they all are.
If someone would be kind enough to name them all for me that would be amazing �� especially Al... Who is that?